Sink or Swim: Week 11

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Philip Rivers (Los Angeles Chargers):

Despite being in the concussion protocol, Rivers expects to play this weekend and he should be in for a good day against a Bills team that is rapidly becoming more and more dysfunctional. If he is active on Sunday, he should be started as a solid QB1 option.

What I Saw: Thoughts On Every Game, Week 11, TNF

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Titans Vs. Steelers

QB: Whoo Boy, what a great night for Ben Roethlisberger and what a stinker for Marcus Mariota. Big Ben started off hot, throwing a long bomb to Antonio Brown for a 41-yard touchdown with barely 2 ½ minutes off the board. It was a preview of what was to come as Big Ben lead an absolute rout of the Titans, throwing just shy of 300 yards and 4 TDs. Big Ben did have quite a few throws that were just off, but using a no-huddle offense does seem to be working for the Steelers for now. The game preview continued on the 2nd drive of the game as Mariota threw deep only to be intercepted. He would end the game with 4 INTs to Big Ben’s 0. The Steelers defense has been pretty on-point lately and a lot of what happened was just good defense from them, very similar to when the Steelers played the Lions in week 8. Mariota had over 300 yards, but just 1 TD. He was buoyed by a rushing TD, but the problem for me was that there wasn’t enough of Mariota rushing when receivers weren’t open. For the defense being as tight as it was, it seems like he should have used his legs more often and I for one am on the lookout for comments from the coaching staff to regarding this subject before week 12. I expect Mariota to have a better performance next week against the Colts regardless, as they do not have such a stellar defense.

Weekly Rankings: Ranking Each IDP Position For Week 11

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Welcome to QB List’s weekly rankings! Each week, I’ll be taking a look at the upcoming match-ups and ranking each IDP position. Here are the ranks for Week 11 of the fantasy football season.

Week 11 Notes:

  • This week’s positive stat crew match-ups are few and far between. The following games should present favorable IDP scoring match-ups for any players involved. Break any ties in your rankings with players in the following games: Los Angeles Chargers vs Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers vs Baltimore Ravens, Oakland Raiders vs New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers vs Tennessee Titans.

Weekly Rankings: Ranking Each Position For Week 11

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Welcome to QB List’s weekly rankings! Each week, I’ll be taking a look at the upcoming matchups and ranking each position, as well as flex positions.

Note: rankings will be updated throughout the week, so continue checking back here as the week goes on. Also, check out our defensive rankings article for explanations on those, and our Kickin’ It article for explanations on the kicker rankings.

Week 10 Notes:

  • In four out of the last five weeks, Jay Cutler has thrown for two touchdowns. He’s looked better lately, and this week he goes up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who have given up the 10th-most fantasy points to quarterbacks this year. He’s not a QB1, but he’s close, and makes for a nice bye-week fill in.

Block Stock: O-lines That Should Struggle And Dominate In Week 11

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At this point in the fantasy season you’re either solidly in the playoffs, just hanging on, or looking to play spoiler. Whatever the case there’s a number of key games where the ability of a team’s offensive line to get the run game moving and give the quarterback that precious extra tick of the clock will make the difference in your fantasy team’s fortune. Let’s look at week 11!

Offensive Lines That Should Dominate

Detroit Lions (vs Chicago Bears) – You wouldn’t know it by their 5 and 4 record but Detroit has one of the most powerful offenses in the NFL. In the 1st half of the season this was mostly due to Matthew Stafford, Golden Tate, and Marvin Jones Jr. The Lions were playing from behind and mounted furious comeback after furious comeback scoring a ton of points through the air usually to fall just short of gaining the W. Their promising O line which was bolstered with the free agent acquisitions of T.J Lang, (returning from injury this week), & Ricky Wagner has struggled in both phases, failing to open holes for Ameer Abdullah & giving up too much pressure on Stafford, especially off the edge. In their more recent games they’ve improved in both phases, (though only marginally in pass protection), particularly in the short yardage run game which is quite possibly the most critical blocking assignment in all of football. Chicago’s run defense has been trending in the opposite direction in recent weeks hence my prediction. A rising unit versus a falling one should equal a good game for Abdullah and open up the whole playbook for Stafford.

Streaming Defenses- Top 16 Defensive Plays for Week 11

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Throughout the year, we will be providing our take on the top 16 defenses each and every week, based on matchup, injuries, and recent performance. They will fall into the following tiers:

DOMINANT – I don’t believe that there are any true “set-and-forget” options at the defensive position, as there are scarcely ANY such players at any position in the NFL. However, these groups are as close as you’re going to get. They can be started with supreme confidence most weeks and will just require the odd benching to avoid Foxboro or Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood as I’ve conveniently renamed the whole of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Update: Mr. Hundley’s Hometown?

DISTINGUISHED – This is the high-end streamer tier. They will probably be added and dropped multiple times throughout the course of the season, getting the green light for plus matchups and benched at the first sight of danger. Some lunkhead in your league following the three defense strategy may even draft one or two of these units, but most will likely be available on the wire to start the year. Careful, intelligent management and usage of options in this tier will yield positive results more often than not. There will likely be a few breakouts in the upper half of this group, and this is the tier I’d be looking to draft my defense from.

DEFENSIBLE – Defensible, get it? You could certainly pick a starter from this tier, preferably against a weaker offense at home but these squads are by no means a safe bet. Cover your eyes, hold your nose, and maybe even get out of the house. Do your blood pressure a favor and just check the score after the game. Go take in that indie film you’ve been wanting to see!

DESPERATE – These are the teams you could probably throw on some pads and score against. The dregs of the league reside in this tier. These teams should be started in only the most extreme circumstances (you lost a bet, you hate yourself, you are playing in a bizarre league that rewards awful defensive play) but for the most part will be available on the wire all year long, and for good reason. Below are our ranks for week 11 of the 2017 NFL season – Get excited!


1.) Jacksonville Jaguars (@ Cleveland Browns)- This is an utter no brainer. You shouldn’t need my advice to tell you to start what has been the league’s top fantasy defense against a historically inept offense. But just in case you do: I hereby recommend it.

Injuries to Watch: The Jags are at full strength and will probably have some fun in this one.

Kickin It: The Top 14 Kickers For Week 11

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Guys. Thank god for Redzone. Can we seriously take a moment and just realize how great a gift that channel is? Otherwise, I would have been stuck watching the Giants (gross) for the latter part of the afternoon into the evening. Not that I wanted to watch much after The Jets lost to Ryan Fitzpatrick. Oh well. At least Robbie Anderson helped me out big time at the end there.

Anyways, it’s time to get down to the important stuff. Just a reminder we’ve got three levels of kickers, FG’s, Touchbackers and Squibs. Anyone not listed is someone you should avoid.


  1. Greg Zuerlein, Los Angeles Rams (vs. Minnesota Vikings). At this point what more needs to be said? The past three games Zuerlein has recorded 17 points. Each game. AND He’s the NFL leading scorer. Unless Jared Goff goes down, there’s no reason not to start him every week.

What I Saw: Thoughts On Every Game, Week 10 (Part One)

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Hello again and thanks for tuning in. My name is Sam and I watch a lot of football each week. Read on and see what I saw in each of these games. As always, remember that this is just one more tool for your toolbox. Feel free to leave comments or constructive feedback!

Jets vs. Buccaneers

QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick started off looking pretty good, and was able to break free at least a couple times to avoid sacks. Things seemed like they were moving pretty well until the Jets Defense closed in and held the Jets to just a field goal in the first half. Fits started to struggle mightily as the game wore on, and should have been intercepted more than the one time, but got lucky- very lucky as one of those was intercepted but the play was negated by a penalty. Really, this was just a defensive slugfest for most of the game, although penalties from both sides did play a bit of role. Josh McCown also looked a little shaky in the first half as the Bucs’ pass rush seemed like they were doing pretty well, evidenced by 6 sacks. However, the pass rush can’t be blamed for McCown way overthrowing a deep ball to Robby Anderson that was instead intercepted by Brent Grimes. Thankfully for the Jets, Fitz was then immediately intercepted back so I guess it was a wash. Methinks that McCown’s down game was due to the Bucs finally pulling it together on defense. They were pressuring McCown, covering receivers, and stopping the run. Hopefully, the Jets can get it together over the bye, because on both sides of the ball they are looking pretty good of late. It’s worth noting that the Bucs defense is looking much better now. Maybe they’ll be worth a stream against mediocre offenses?

Waiver Wire: Week 11

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NOTE: Players mentioned will be owned in 40% or less of ESPN leagues. MUST ADD will be a recommended add in all leagues. MAYBE ADD is for those in 12 team leagues or deeper. DEEP ADD is for those in 14+ team leagues. 


No QB’s this week.


Austin Ekeler (Los Angeles Chargers) – 2% OWNED – MAYBE ADD

If it weren’t for a costly late game fumble, we may be talking about Ekeler as the Chargers new RB to own this week. Even with the fumble, Ekeler has looked like the better back between him and Melvin Gordon, and the coaching staff seemed to agree, giving Ekeler key 4th quarter snaps until his fumble. He still is my favorite upside add this week and should continue to find RB2/Flex value in PPR leagues.

Overall 250 ROS Rankings: Week 9

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Welcome to our weekly set of rankings of our top-250 overall players for the rest of the season. I should note that I’m not personally a big fan of massive, position-combining lists and I think positional lists are more useful, however, take this and use it in whatever way you wish. Thanks to this widget from FantasyPros, you can break it down by position as well.


  • It’s looking like Jameis Winston will miss some time, and if I’m the Bucs, I’m in no rush to get him back as they’re not really playing for the postseason at this point. As such, he’s fallen fairly significantly in the rankings, as I have no idea how many more games he’ll play this season and just how healthy/effective he’ll be.