2017 Rankings: Top 75 Overall Individual Defensive Players For Fantasy Football

Here are our top 75 Individual Defensive Players for 2017. You can find the top 25 by traditional IDP positions: defensive linemen, linebacker and defensive back.

IDP leagues vary so greatly in scoring, and these rankings assume a balanced scoring system where edge defenders and big play CB can have as much value as their tackle producing teammates. Be sure to check your league settings before heading into any draft to find the eligible positions and the number of IDP players you are required to start. If you have a smaller IDP required league, sort by position and pick off the Tier 1 groups.

You should also be cautious with drafting your IDP players too high in your draft. For the most part, IDP players should begin going after you have your offensive starters and maybe even a couple of backups. You can really gain the advantage weekly by playing match-ups and paying attention to snap counts and volume players may get. Be sure to check during the season to find these value plays.

Marc Salazar

Born and raised in Texas, and naturally a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan. I love everything about the strategy and complexity of NFL football, no other sport compares. I've been playing some form of fantasy football for 15+ years and I run dynasty leagues that include individual defensive players, contracts, free agency, and rookie drafts. I hope to introduce at least one of you to the joys of this format. I live in San Antonio, TX with my wonderful fiance and awesome daughter.


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