Block Stock: O-Lines That Should Struggle And Dominate In Week 5

To this point in the season NFL scoring is at it’s lowest level since 2006. This means your fantasy players’ scoring is likely much lower than their pre-season and pre-weekly projections. The upside is that it’s happening to everyone, not just you. The game all managers are playing now is will my high draft pick […]

Block Stock: O-Lines That Should Dominate And Struggle In Week 4

The opening three weeks has been a very unsettling ride for fantasy owners. From injuries, mysteriously poor, and good performances, to seemingly unexplained weekly upsets it’s been hard to predict anything. One thing that is becoming clear to me is that offenses due to inflexibility by coaches have not been making adjustments when a defense, […]

Block Stock: O-Lines That Should Dominate And Struggle In Week 3

Week three of an NFL season goes a long way towards revealing who is for real and who’s been really lucky. As always I try to highlight games which may not be obvious and might surprise. First a review of how my predictions did last week. I judge myself as correctamundo as the Fonz used […]

Block Stock: Offensive Lines That Should Dominate And Struggle In Week 2

Firstly a review of my performance predicting last weeks highlighted match ups. What I got wrong: Atlanta Falcons vs Chicago Bears – Not as much offense as I expected from the Falcons particularly in the run game. Chicago’s run D was stouter than I realized. Tennessee Titans vs Oakland Raiders – This game was a […]

Block Stock: Offensive Lines That Should Dominate and Struggle In Week 1

Who will be serving up a platter of pancake blocks this weekend? Who will let their QB be lunch? Offensive Lines That Should Dominate 1. Oakland Raiders – Tennessee does boast three sack studs in Casey, Orakpo, and Morgan but they were near the bottom of the league last season in pass defense giving up […]

Draft Prep: All 32 Team Offensive Lines Ranked For Fantasy Football

A bad offensive line can do real damage to your fantasy player’s production. There are ways an offense can adjust to keep moving the ball but anytime an NFL defense knows there are things the unit across the line of scrimmage can’t do, it makes it easier to shut down what they can. Tier 1: […]