Sink or Swim: Week 6

Once again I was wrong to trust Jay Cutler, and will never again no matter the match up. It’s really hard to trust QB’s like him or Ben Roethlisberger who just seem disinterested in being out there anymore. None of the RB’s swam last week outside of Andre Ellington, who continues to be a great […]

Sink or Swim: Week 5 Edition

Last week saw a couple of hits at each position, but overall things did not go swimmingly. It seems like I may have been a week early on the Patriots defense resurgence. with Cam Newton torching them. 3 out of the 4 rookie RB’s endorsed last week didn’t work out for one reason or another, […]

Sink or Swim: Week 4

Well, Week 3 didn’t go exactly as planned for my predictions, as well as plenty of NFL teams who found themselves in dogfights with teams they were expected to beat. It was really just a weird week in general for football. I had some bad misses on the Sink side of things, with Demarco Murray […]

Sink or Swim: Week 3

Welcome back to the week 3 edition of Sink or Swim. Last week, my QB picks were hit or miss, as I was way off on Carson Wentz who was the 2nd highest QB scorer and Jameis Winston wasn’t asked to do too much which led to a lackluster fantasy day. The running backs saw […]

Sink or Swim: Week 2

Welcome back for another edition of Sink or Swim where the goal is to suggest players who should return plus value and mention some players to avoid if possible. Last week was basically hit or miss, with Sam Bradford, Jonathan Stewart, Todd Gurley, Theo Riddick, Adam Thielen, Zach Ertz and Coby Fleener having very productive […]

Sink or Swim: Week 1

Week 1 has finally arrived and after a long preseason and I am happy to finally get cracking on our latest QB List installment, Sink or Swim. I will be plugging some of the more mid-tier type players at each position, highlighting why you should start them this week, while also mentioning some prominent players […]