This is part two of our weekly series that examines every game (see part 1 here) Dolphins vs. Ravens Misc. Observations:        Something is rotten in Miami. They should change their name from the ‘Dolphins’ to the ‘Bumblebee Tunas’ QB:         Move along, nothing to see here. RB:         Miami coach Adam Gase was reportedly furious at his […]

What I Saw: Thoughts On Week 8 (Part 1)

My name is Sam, and I love fantasy football. The worst parts of my week are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, mostly in that order. Every week, I’ll be helping my colleague and friend Derek Frei tell the story of what happened as we together cover the broad strokes of every game. Feel free to […]

What I Saw: Thoughts On Every Week 6 Game

Good afternoon sports fans. We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear, and we’re back to covering every game from the prior week. As always, use CTRL + F to find players of particular interest to you. Eagles vs. Panthers Misc. Observations: After a brief controversy over some alleged misogynistic comments, Cam Newton tried to make […]

What I Saw: Thoughts On Week 5

Welcome back sports friends. As our inaugural season gets going, we’re trying a few format changes for some of our articles, including this one. Going forward, we’re hoping to strip out the extraneous fluff and leave the tasty morsels from each week. The following are the things that most stood out to me from week […]

What I Saw: Thoughts on Every Week 4 Game

Welcome back sports fans. In this series, we examine every game from the previous week and try to make some sense from this senseless game. We’ve got a lot to talk about this week, so let’s get to it. As always, you’re encouraged to use Ctrl+F to find your players quickly. Bears vs. Packers QBs: […]

What I Saw: Thoughts On Every Week 3 Game

Welcome back sports fans. This was a very strange week in fantasy football. It almost felt like we slipped into an alternate dimension where everyone has goatees and is evil. All the ‘experts’ were wrong about everything of course, and Jacksonville’s Mercedes Lewis scored nearly twice as many fantasy points as Rob Gronkowsi. In the […]

What I Saw: Thoughts on Every Week 2 Game

Welcome back, Each week I’ll be going through and analyzing every game that occurred the weekend before, offering whatever nuggets of wisdom I can. It may be useful to use Ctrl + F to find specific players you’re interested in. This week was a hecatomb, especially at the tight end position. I hope your team […]

What I Saw: Thoughts On Every Week 1 Game

Hey there sports-fans. Each week I’ll be analyzing every NFL game and putting my thoughts here. I should have something to say about almost all fantasy relevant players, you may find Ctrl + F useful. We’ve got a lot of work to do, so let’s hop in. Chiefs vs Patriots The Chiefs are that annoying […]