Incoming BYE: Week Ten

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It is never too early to begin planning for next week. In this column, we skip ahead to focus on next week’s BYE and the impact on fantasy relevant players.
These are the fantasy relevant (or potentially FLEX relevant) players that will be unavailable in the coming week, Week Ten.

Team Player Position Ownership %
Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco Quarterback 33%
Baltimore Ravens Alex Collins Running back 90%
Baltimore Ravens Michael Crabtree Wide Receiver 84%
Baltimore Ravens John Brown Wide Receiver 81%
Baltimore Ravens Willie Snead IV Wid Receiver 22%
Baltimore Ravens Ravens D/ST 86%
Baltimore Ravens Justin Tucker Kicker 97%
Denver Broncos Phillip Lindsay Running back 90%
Denver Broncos Royce Freeman Running back 63%
Denver Broncos Emmanuel Sanders Wide Receiver 96%
Denver Broncos Courtland Sutton Wide Receiver 55%
Denver Broncos Broncos D/ST 49%
Houston Texans Deshaun Watson Quarterback 95%
Houston Texans Lamar Miller Running back 95%
Houston Texans DeAndre Hopkins Wide Receiver 100%
Houston Texans Demaryius Thomas Wide Receiver 94%
Houston Texans Texans D/ST 93%
Minnesota Vikings Kirk Cousins Quarterback 95%
Minnesota Vikings Dalvin Cook Running back 91%
Minnesota Vikings Latavius Murray Running back 86%
Minnesota Vikings Adam Thielen Wide Receiver 100%
Minnesota Vikings Stefon Diggs Wide Receiver 99%
Minnesota Vikings Kyle Rudolph Tight End 90%
Minnesota Vikings Vikings D/ST 88%
Brennen Gorman

There are different types of Detroit Lions fans, Brennen is a "this year is our year" type fan. 2018 is the Lions year. Liquor lawyer by trade, dynasty writer at Pitcherlist, and excited for another competitive season.


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