Kickin It: Ranking The Top 14 Fantasy Kickers For Week 2

Man, what a first week right? Alex Smith played like his job was on the line (which it is), resulting in the BILLS leading the AFC East for the first...

Man, what a first week right? Alex Smith played like his job was on the line (which it is), resulting in the BILLS leading the AFC East for the first time since week two of the 2014 season. Perennial cellar dwellers, The Cleveland Browns, and Chicago Bears took their opponents in the Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta Falcons to task (both Superbowl contenders mind you), giving their fan bases hope for growth in the 2017-18 season.

Anyways let’s get back to the important stuff. Ranking Fantasy Kickers. Just a reminder we’ve got three levels of kickers, FG’s, Touchbackers and Squibs. Anyone not listed is someone you should avoid.

So without further adieu,


1. Giorgio Tavecchio, Oakland Raiders( vs. New York Jets): Tavecchio had a great debut, hitting four field goals from lengths of 52 (x2) 43 and 20 yards while adding 2 extra points. Now you’ve got the New York Jets coming cross country in what many expect to be a laugher. If you’ve got Tavecchio, give that man the start.

2. Stephen Gostkowski, New England Patriots ( @ New Orleans Saints): You think Tom Brady and Co. are pissed off after last weeks spanking on national TV? Yeah me too. Besides that, you’ve got Bill Belichick with a four-day head start on prep. Expect a lot of extra point opportunities for Gostkowski this week.

3. Blair Walsh, Seattle Seahawks (vs. San Fransico 49ers): Greenbays surprising defensive performance aside, Walsh had a pretty good game against the Pack, kicking three field goals (41, 33, 21) for the teams only points. Look for a bounce back game this week, and Walsh should receive plenty of opportunities because of it.

4. Matt Bryant, Atlanta Falcons ( vs. Green Bay): In a matchup that should be one of the highest-scoring of all season, Matt Bryant should be a solid choice here. Bryant had 12 points last week (standard) in a surprisingly competitive game for the Falcons. Atlanta’s offensive line isn’t Seattle’s and Greenbay’s defense shouldn’t have their way with Atlanta like they did with the Hawk’s. Look for another good outing by the real Matty Ice.

5. Graham Gano, Carolina Panthers ( vs. Buffalo Bills): Gano was a good start this past Sunday, racking up 11 points on three field goals and two extra points. Look for more of the same against the Buffalo Bills, who aren’t that much better than the 49ers.

6. Mason Crosby, Green Bay Packers (@Atlanta): So it’s fairly obvious by putting two competing kickers close to each other in the rankings that I’m betting that this game will be one of if not the highest scoring game of the season. Crosby had an average game last week, posting only six points. However, that was against the Seattle, who has the greatest collection of talent on the defensive side of the ball in the NFL. Look for Crosby to have a big game Sunday night.

7. Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens (vs. Cleveland Browns): Tucker kept his streak alive, not missing a kick against the Bengals (who, with that shut out re-earned their name “bungles”. Against Cleveland this week, Tucker should be a solid play.


8. Dustin Hopkins, Washington Redskins (@ Los Angeles Rams) Do it again Rams, then we’ll believe you’re for real.

9. Nick Folk, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (vs. Chicago Bears). A lot of questions in this game. How will Tampa play after having to take a forced bye week last week? Is this Bears team for real? Maybe it’s just cause I fell in love with this season of Hard Knocks, but the upside on Folk is too much to ignore. He had a decent preseason and is on a much better team this year.                    Give him a shot.

10. Phil Dawson, Arizona Cardinals ( @ Indianapolis Colts). I do not care that David Johnson‘s wrist is dislocated. Or that Dawson already has a miss this season. Until Andrew Luck gets back, this Colts team is a dumpster fire. The RAMS put up 46 on them. Phil Dawson should get plenty of chances in this one.

11. Ka’imi Fairbairn, Houston Texans ( @ Cincinnati Bengals). Houston had a rough game last week, and Fairbairn felt that as well, putting up a big ol’ goose egg in the stat column. He should do better this week, as Watson will be leading the offense the entire game.


12. Chris Boswell, Pittsburgh Steelers (vs. Minnesota Vikings). The Vikings defense looked prettay prettay prettay prettay good on Monday night. I wouldn’t start Bosewell until all facets of Pittsburgh’s offense (cough Le’Veon Bell) is firing on all cylinders.

13. Jake Elliot, Philadelphia Eagles (@ Kansas City). Oh boy. Sure this rookie might hold the AAC (American Athletic Conference) record for career points with 44) and converted field goals with 81, but after their showing last Thursday, how can anyone go against that Chiefs D? Start him if you must I guess.

14. Matt Prater, Detriot Lions (@ New York Giants) Eh. Toss up situation here. Giants D is one of the Best in the NFL. However, their O-line is so porous their defense might be on the field for the majority of the game, I’d say go for it but don’t expect anything big out of Prater.

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