Kickin’ It: The Top 14 Kickers for Week 4

Oh man, what a great week 3 eh? Chicago with a surprise win, my Jets getting their first win of the season in dominating fashion. Then there was Jake Elliot,...

Oh man, what a great week 3 eh? Chicago with a surprise win, my Jets getting their first win of the season in dominating fashion. Then there was Jake Elliot, winning the game for Philadelphia on a 61-yard field goal as time expired. Truly, he is a god amongst men. Of course, then there was the elephant in room…..

Anyways let’s get back to the important stuff. Ranking Fantasy Kickers. Just a reminder we’ve got three levels of kickers, FG’s, Touchbackers and Squibs. Anyone not listed is someone you should avoid.


  1. Wil Lutz, New Orleans Saints (@ Miami Dolphins). Solid game for Lutz last week. Josh McCown, look for Luz to get plenty of chances next week.

  1. Nick Folk, Tampa Buccaneers (vs. New York Giants) Maybe it’s just cause I’m currently listening to Bart Scott rip Odell Beckham and the New York Giants, but damn the Giants are a total mess right now. Their defense might be fantastic, but with the two turnstiles they have at tackles, the Giants will be giving Folk plenty of chances next Sunday.

  2. Mason Crosby, Green Bay Packers (vs. Chicago Bears) The Bears are coming off an impressive win. The Packers struggled against the winless Bengals. There’s a short week to prepare. ….Don’t doubt Aaron Rodgers. Crosby did great last week, nailing the game-winner in overtime. He’ll get plenty of opportunities Thursday night. Bank on it.

  3. Stephen Gostkowski, New England Patriots (vs. Carolina Panthers) Even with one of the NFL’s best defenses, the Patriots managed to turn their game against the Houston Texans into a shootout. Carolina’s D isn’t on the Texans level, and Brady just won’t stop (ugh).

  4. Dan Bailey, Dallas Cowboys (vs Los Angles Rams) The Rams have obviously made improvements, but their defense isn’t on the Cowboys level yet and should struggle. Bailey is a great play here.

  5. Greg Zuerlein, Los Angles Rams, (@ Dallas Cowboys). The Ram’s D isn’t there, but their offense certainly has made strides. Zuerlein had a fantastic day against San Fran, hitting all FIVE of his extra points and both field goals. Great play for this weekend.


  1. Matt Bryant, Atlanta Falcons, (vs. Buffalo Bills). Buffalo seems like a much-improved team this year, and in fact, if the season ended today, they would be AFC East Champs. Which is impressive a month into the season, considering how bad they have been. So this shouldn’t be as easy of a game for the Atlanta offense as it would have been last year. Bryant had a 14 point performance last week, but don’t expect as good of a performance this week.

  2. Ryan Succop, Tennesse Titans ( @ Houston Texans) Succop had a great game last week, scoring 16 points last week against a great Seattle D. But guess what ( and here we go, big statement) The Texans actually have a line, and are a better team than the Seahawks! So don’t expect Succop to have as great of a game.

  3. Chris Boswell, Pittsburgh Steelers (@ Baltimore Ravens) Baltimore has been so up and down this year man.Which Ravens team is going to show up? The guys who shut out the Bengals, or the guys who got smacked around by the Jags? Toss up. So depending on that, Boswell is a total boom or bust play this week.

10. Graham Gano, Carolina Panthers (@ New England Patriots) Deshaun Watson, mobile Quarterback. Cam Newton, Mobile Quarterback. So, we’ll see. Gano had a good game last week, hitting both of his field goals and his one extra point. Considering BB already saw one mobile QB, Gano is the biggest boom or bust play this week.


  1. Jason Myers, Jacksonville Jaguars (@ New York Jets) Blah. I hate it. But I’ve got a duty to report the best kickers. Myers is a pretty good option this week. He’s missed one field goal year this year and has scored 10, 5, and 15 points respectively. The Jets Run D has been very weak this year, so Myers should get some opportunities.

  2. Giorgio Tavecchio, Oakland Raiders (@Denver Broncos) After being embarrassed on Sunday Night, the Raiders rebound this week. Calling it now. Tavecchio has been pretty solid this week, so if you need someone to start, might as well be him.

  3. Chandler Catanzaro, New York Jets (vs. Jacksonville Jaguars) Maybe the Jets continue their win streak. Maybe they keep Leonard Fournette to under 50 yards rushing, Maybe pigs fly. Either way, I’m pretty angry at myself for buying tickets for this game.

  4. Blair Walsh, Seattle Seahawks ( vs. Indianapolis Colts) If Russell Wilson can’t turn it around against the colts, then forget it. Forget their whole damn season. Walsh has had a decent season so far, but if the Seahawks can’t put up a respectable score up against the Colts, then just drop Walsh.

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