QB List Fantasy Football Podcast Episode 61 – SFBX With Sal Leto

Erik Smith (), Colin Weatherwax (@CWeatherwax13), and Sal Leto (@SalLetoFF) talk all things fantasy football in today’s edition of the QB List podcast. In episode 61, they discuss the Scott Fish Bowl Podathon (@SFBPodathon), SFBX strategy, and talk about their favorite teams (Raiders, Bengals).

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0:15 – Intro
0:50 – SFBPodathon
6:55 – SFBX Advice
15:15 – Raiders Talk!
24:00 – SuperFlex
35:00 – Bengals Talk!
40:25 – Outro
Erik Smith

Head of QB List. Writer at numberFire and Pitcher List. Ohio University graduate. Now lives in Asheville, NC, right off the Blue Ridge Parkway.


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