Streaming Tight Ends Week 4

Steaming Pile of Streaming Tight Ends   Welcome to Week 4, everyone! Whether you are someone who spent big on tight ends in the draft and is hovering over the...

Steaming Pile of

Streaming Tight Ends


Welcome to Week 4, everyone! Whether you are someone who spent big on tight ends in the draft and is hovering over the panic button, or if you’ve been jumping from guy to guy for the first three weeks, we are here to find you players to stream at the position. In the ever-evolving landscape of fantasy football, finding a reliable streaming tight end can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Welcome to our weekly streaming tight-end analysis, where we’ll cut through the noise and bring you data-driven insights, matchups to exploit, and under-the-radar gems to help you secure that elusive competitive edge. No cheese, just the cold, hard facts to make your weekly TE decisions easier, and more profitable.

Week 3 delivered some surprising results in the tight-end landscape. The spotlight belonged to the Lions’ rookie tight end Sam LaPorta, who led the week with an impressive 8 catches for 84 yards and a touchdown. Meanwhile, familiar superstar Travis Kelce held his ground with 7 receptions for 69 yards, securing the second spot. However, touchdowns were down from the previous week, with just seven tight end scores compared to ten in Week 2. An interesting twist came from Donald Parham Jr., who managed to snatch two touchdowns this week, bringing his season total to three. His ability to capitalize on scoring opportunities certainly frustrated fantasy managers and highlighted the unpredictability of the tight-end position. As we reflect on Week 3, it’s evident that the tight-end landscape is filled with twists and turns, making it an ever-challenging position to navigate.


Week 4 Tight End Streamers


Second-Year Surge or Sophmore Slump 

Jake Ferguson

In the enigmatic world of fantasy football, Jake Ferguson, the second-year tight end for the Dallas Cowboys, is emerging as a captivating yet somewhat elusive figure. While not yet a household name, Ferguson has quietly claimed his spot as the 11th-best fantasy tight end through three weeks of the season, all while flying under the radar with roster percentages under 50% across various platforms. Dallas, as it turns out, has been showing a newfound fondness for the tight end position, targeting it at the 10th-highest rate in the league. What makes Ferguson’s ascent even more intriguing is his penchant for finding himself in the red zone, leading all tight ends with a remarkable nine red zone targets this year. However, with such accolades comes a looming question of regression, as maintaining this pace may prove challenging. Furthermore, Ferguson’s noteworthy role as the first read on passing plays over 24% of the time for Dallas, ranking second in the league at the tight end position, adds an extra layer of curiosity. As we navigate the fantasy landscape, the jury is still unsure whether Jake Ferguson is the real deal or merely a tantalizing mirage. Still, his early-season performance is certainly piquing our collective interest. Keep a watchful eye on this intriguing talent as the season unfolds.


Touchdown Hunter

Gerald Everett


In the unpredictable realm of fantasy football, Gerald Everett of the Los Angeles Chargers stands as a tantalizing enigma, poised for a potential breakout. While his performance may have raised some eyebrows with a low floor that hovers around three fantasy points, the other end of the spectrum truly intrigues. With the unfortunate season-ending ACL tear to the Chargers’ big-bodied receiver, Mike Williams, last week, the opportunity for new faces to step into significant roles is apparent. Quinton Johnson, the Chargers’ first-round rookie, is expected to fill the void in the offense. Moreover, the Chargers’ new offensive coordinator, Kellen Moore, has shown a penchant for extensively utilizing the tight end position in his previous role with Dallas, raising the possibility that Everett could find himself in a more prominent role. In fact, the Chargers might even deploy more than 12 personnel, featuring two tight ends on the field more frequently. This shift could be what Everett needs to break free from his touchdown-dependent fantasy profile. As we navigate this intriguing situation, Gerald Everett remains a touchdown-or-bust type of player, ready to capitalize on newfound opportunities. Keep an eye on his role in the evolving Chargers’ offense as the season unfolds.


The All-or-Nothings

Logan Thomas & Taysom Hill

Logan Thomas and Taysom Hill are the true embodiment of high-risk, high-reward assets, rostered in less than 15% of leagues across all formats. Logan Thomas, representing the Washington Commanders, finds himself in an offense that relentlessly targets the tight end position, boasting the third-highest target rate in the NFL, with over 30% of all passes directed toward the TE. This uptick in target share is a direct result of the Commanders’ new offensive coordinator, Eric Bieniemy, who has brought with him a penchant for utilizing tight ends, just as he did in his previous role. This hints at the potential for Thomas to flourish in this TE-friendly system. However, it’s worth noting that the Commanders have been spreading the love among their tight ends, which could hinder Thomas’s quest for high-value red zone targets.

Meanwhile, over in New Orleans, the Saints are navigating the Jameis Winston era following Derek Carr‘s shoulder injury. Taysom Hill, the Swiss Army knife of the NFL, sees action as a quarterback, running back, and even tight end. This diverse role in the offense provides him with one of the highest ceilings among all tight ends. Hill is the player to slot into your lineup when seeking a game-changing move in a less-favored matchup. As we roll the dice on these long shots, it’s an all-or-nothing gamble that keeps the excitement and unpredictability of fantasy football alive and well.


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