The Best QB Throws: Week 12

Your weekly dose of phenomenal throws from quarterbacks around the National Football League.

Every week we will bring you a selection of the best throws from quarterbacks across the NFL. Did you see an amazing throw worthy of inclusion? If so, you can tweet @TheQBList on Twitter to let us know and we’ll give you a shout-out here in the article if your tip makes the cut.

Apologies, this week due to a software issue we were unable to provided curated gifs, so these links will have to do. Back to normal next week.

Mike White to Garrett Wilson



Welcome back, Mike White! The Jets quarterback provided his team with exactly what was missing to carve up the Bears and give  New York the offensive bark to go with the defensive bite on the road to the playoffs. Rookie sensation Garrett Wilson once again became relevant with someone competent throwing him the ball.


Lamar Jackson to Desean Jackson



The legendary Desean Jackson could not go quietly into the night could he? A huge bomb from Lamar Jackson late in the game gave the Ravens the lead at a crucial stage in the game. What a throw this is!


Trevor Lawrence to Marvin Jones Jr.



If Lamar’s deep shot was brilliant for the go-ahead touchdown then the ensuing drive from Trevor Lawrence to win the game for the Jaguars was simply magnificent. Finished off by this phenomenal throw to Marvin Jones Jr. with seconds left on the clock.


Justin Herbert to DeAndre Carter



Another week, another effortlessly brilliant hurl from phenom Justin Herbert, who evades pressure and steps up in the pocket before finding his receiver DeAndre Carter down the sideline for six! Incredible.


Geno Smith to Tyler Lockett



Beautifully thrown pass here from Geno Smith. We’ve heard that week in, week out this season as the Seahawks quarterback has played himself into the conversation with those pure elite passers in the league. This perfectly placed lob down the line for Tyler Lockett to take into the end zone in stride was pure class.


Kirk Cousins to Justin Jefferson



Occasionally, it is nice to see a different angle of a brilliant throw. Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson were lights out against the Patriots in an important win – here Cousins finds his young superstar deep near the end of the game to set up the win. Great throw and equally as good a catch.


Feature image by Michael Packard (@CollectingPack on Twitter) / Photography by Rich Graessle / Icon Sportswire


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