The Defensive Line – Week 4 D/ST Streaming

Four teams you should consider using for Week 4.

Welcome back!  We’re on to Week 4 and upon looking at our current defense, we’re not so excited about the matchups.  So let us look to see what is out there on the waiver wire, maybe we can find a better matchup to get us odds at getting the W.  As always, we’re looking for teams rostered around 50% or lower rostered.  Please note that there is a good chance better teams are out there in your league than these four, but we cannot assume they’re out there for every league.  Stay active and monitor the league home page, there’s a chance someone will drop a defense after the waiver run for this week as well.


Indianapolis Colts

Opponent: Titans

ESPN % Rostered: 45%

Yahoo % Rostered: 35%


The Colts just generated two turnovers against Patrick Mahomes and sacked him once on top of that.  They now welcome to town Ryan Tannehill and the Titans who have already given up 6 turnovers through three games so far this season.  With their starting LT going on IR, I see more pressure in Tannehill’s future going against a Colts defense that’s allowing less than 250 passing yards per game, including a game against the Chiefs.  The run defense is giving up less than 80 yards per game going against Derrick Henry who is averaging less than 65 yards per game.  It’s not the flashiest play but it should net you the points to get through the week.



New York Giants

Opponent: Bears

ESPN % Rostered: 10%

Yahoo % Rostered: 12%


This isn’t so much praising the Giants, but rather jumping on the defense that is playing Justin Fields and the Bears.  It is true, the Giants got zero sacks and zero turnovers against Dallas last week, but we like them at home facing a Bears team that has gotten sacked 10 times and thrown 4 interceptions through three games this season.  Fields has two games under 50% completion rate, never throwing for more than 121 yards, and averaging 2 interceptions for every touchdown.  David Montgomery may be out, but Khalil Herbert showed he’s just as capable so that’s not as big of a knock.  The Giants just allowed their first rushing touchdown of the season, and rushing is all the Bears have so far.



Minnesota Vikings

Opponent: “@” Saints

ESPN % Rostered: 5%

Yahoo % Rostered: 19%


Now we start to get a little riskier.  The Saints are technically the home team, but Italy is further away than Scandinavia is from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, so I like the Vikings in this matchup.  Hard-hitting statistical analysis right there, you’re welcome.  The offensive line for the Saints is banged up.  Heck, the entire offense for the Saints seems banged up.  The Vikings did not register a sack last week, but the two games before that had a combined 7 sacks.  They’ve intercepted the ball in every game so far, and they’re now facing Jameis Winston who has thrown 5 interceptions in the last two games.  The Saints have also allowed 11 sacks on the season and coughed up the ball 4 times in those three games.  The Saints have had two defenses now each score a touchdown against them so look out for a potential Patrick Peterson pick 6, perhaps.



Kansas City Chiefs

Opponent: @ Buccaneers

ESPN % Rostered: 16%

Yahoo % Rostered: 44%


The fourth suggestion for the week might raise your eyebrow going on the road against the greatest QB of all time, I wouldn’t blame you if it did.  The Buccaneers are already practicing in Miami due to Ian coming to Tampa in the middle of the week which can’t be good for the practice routine.  I don’t know what effect a hurricane passing through will have on a home-field advantage a few days after, but I do know that the road loss left a bitter taste for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.  The Chiefs are in the top 5 for quarterback hits and sacks for the season, having 10 on the year.  They will face a Buccaneers offense that has allowed 5 sacks and turned the ball over 4 times through three games.  The Chiefs have faced running backs such as Austin Ekeler and Jonathan Taylor and managed to keep both of them below 40 and 75 yards respectively.  Lately, Leonard Fournette is not getting it done on the ground either.  The Buccaneers will get Mike Evans back, but Chris Godwin and Julio Jones enter the week already questionable at best for the game.



Bonus Consideration:  Arizona Cardinals

ESPN: 1%

Yahoo: 2%


Is anyone bold enough to take the defense facing Baker Mayfield in a potential tropical storm?



These teams did not meet the consideration threshold for the main highlight section, but you should check to see if they’re available in your league:

Green Bay Packers –    ESPN: 79% Y!: 69%
Philadelphia Eagles – ESPN: 37% Y!: 58%
Pittsburgh Steelers –  ESPN: 71% Y!: 58%
Dallas Cowboys –         ESPN: 84% Y!: 68%


Writer: Michael James (@MikeoftheFF)


Photos by Zach Bolinger & Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire | Design by Michael Packard (@designsbypack on Twitter @ IG)

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