The List – Week 11: Ranking The Top 200 Fantasy Football Players ROS

Erik Smith updates his rest of season top 200 list for fantasy football leagues ahead of Week 11.

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Every Tuesday of the regular season, I will be updating my rest of season rankings for PPR leagues, in hopes of helping you with roster construction and trade negotiations. These are not Week 11 matchup rankings, which I will release before the Thursday game. The List is created with the rest of the season in mind.


Player Notes


  • With some minor questions developing around Saquon Barkley (health), Ezekiel Elliott (production), and Alvin Kamara (whatever happened in Atlanta), I’ve moved Michael Thomas up to number three overall. It’s nitpicking on these running backs because they are still elite fantasy options, but Thomas’s sheer consistency is a sight to behold and jumps him just ahead of that second tier of elite running backs.
  • Melvin Gordon climbs the rankings after a second straight good week, and while he isn’t quite the PPR dynamo that he was in the past, he should see heavy volume going forward. I especially like Gordon in non-PPR leagues, as his red zone role remains top-tier.
  • I’m beginning to give up on Calvin Ridley as a breakout receiver, as his usage hasn’t jumped as I hoped after the departure of Mohamed Sanu (who looks locked into a nice role in New England). The potential multi-week injuries to Austin Hooper and Devonta Freeman are just enough to suck me back in, but another down week and we may just have to accept Ridley as a boom-bust complimentary option.
  • Derrick Henry continues to be a force, even in PPR leagues despite his lack of receiving work. With Ryan Tannehill around to provide some semblance of a passing game, Henry erupted in Week 10 with a league-leading 188 rushing yards. He’s one I got wrong in the preseason, as he has been the model of consistency this year.


More notes to come Tuesday night. Ask any questions in the comments or on Twitter (@ErikSmithQBL) and I’ll be sure to answer!


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