The List – Week 14: Ranking The Top 150 Fantasy Football Players ROS

Erik Smith updates his rest of season top 150 list for fantasy football leagues ahead of Week 14.

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This week’s version of The List is the most drastic jump from one week to the next that I have experienced all season. With the fantasy playoffs here, there is no more waiting for players to return from injury, to breakout, to become dependable assets, or to fulfill whatever other plans you had dreamed up for them. I’ve often been skeptical of Derrick Henry, but is there any running back not named Christian McCaffrey that you would want this week over Henry? My rankings have reflected that truth, along with many more. These rest of season rankings are very skewed towards my Week 14 rankings, as we are officially in the do or die mode of the season. Next week’s rankings are liable to change drastically as well. Buckle up, we have officially hit the crazy part of the fantasy schedule. Best of luck in the playoffs!


Ask any questions in the comments or on Twitter (@ErikSmithQBL) and I’ll be sure to answer!


Featured Image by Justin Paradis (@freshmeatcomm on Twitter)

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