The List – Week 8: Ranking The Top 200 Fantasy Football Players ROS

Erik Smith updates his rest of season top 200 list for fantasy football leagues ahead of Week 8.

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Every Wednesday of the regular season, I will be updating my rest of season rankings for PPR leagues, in hopes of helping you with roster construction and trade negotiations. These are not Week 8 matchup rankings, which I will release before the Thursday game. The List is created with the rest of the season in mind.


Player Notes


  • I’ll be focused on trades and injuries in what is a difficult week to set rankings. The target has been moving as the hour passes, so don’t take some of these rankings too literally and be prepared to adjust as more information comes to light.
  • Chase Edmonds looks like a bonafide threat to David Johnson‘s workload regardless of injury, after exploding onto the national radar with a three-touchdown Week 7. It’s hard to get a good grasp of how serious Johnson’s injury really is, though the additions of Zach Zenner and Alfred Morris certainly aren’t making Johnson owners feel reassured. For now, I have David Johnson at 17 overall while Edmonds rises to 86, only because we don’t have an injury diagnosis from Johnson that will keep him out long term. If Johnson were to go on I.R., Edmonds would shoot up the rankings in what is a fantasy-friendly Arizona offense. I have very little interest in Zenner or Morris until Johnson’s situation is cleared up, though both are worth an add in super deep leagues.
  • Mohamed Sanu‘s trade to the Patriots doesn’t move the needle much for me. I expect Sanu’s versatility, blocking, and locker room presence to be an excellent fit in New England, but fantasy-wise I don’t see the upside. Sanu was already playing for a fantasy-friendly offense in Atlanta, so this move isn’t really an upgrade, and now he has to learn a new playbook on the fly. He will have plenty of competition for targets, and we all know how hard the Patriots are to predict from week to week. He’s worth a roster spot just to see how it shakes out, but he may actually lose some of the dependability he had in Atlanta, where he played home games in a dome for a more consistently pass-happy offense.
  • Calvin Ridley is a beneficiary of the Sanu trade, as it frees up snaps and targets for Ridley. I was probably already a little too high on Ridley, however, and the injury to Matt Ryan, even if minor, caused him to stay steady in my rankings. I have high hopes for Ridley going forward, however, as long as Ryan is on the field.
  • Another trade that doesn’t excite me much is Emmanuel Sanders moving west to San Francisco. The 49ers rotate players as much as anyone, and I have a hard time seeing Sanders getting consistent week-in week-out volume in this run-first offense. More than anything, this vaults Courtland Sutton into a higher tier of receivers, as he is the clear alpha-receiver on the Broncos going forward. DaeSean Hamilton also becomes an interesting high floor, low ceiling option going forward that is worth a look in deeper leagues.
  • Lions’ running back Ty Johnson vaults into the rankings at 104 overall and looks like he has the first crack at the job replacing Kerryon Johnson, who will likely miss the rest of the fantasy season. Ty Johnson has an intriguing athletic profiler as a 6th rounder out of Maryland and certainly could run away with this job. I’m remaining cautious in my ranking, however, as the Lions seemed hesitant to give a three-down workload to Kerryon Johnson, a player they used a second-round pick on. This has running back committee written all over it in a backfield that has averaged 3.8 yards per carry in 2019. While Johnson is certainly worth a waiver add, he’s far from a slam dunk.
  • Ryan Tannehill seemed to breathe a little life into the Titans passing game, and we saw encouraging games from receivers A.J. Brown and Corey Davis. Brown especially looks like a physical specimen on the field, and I would recommend rostering him to see if there is more upside left in the rookie out of Mississippi.


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