Weekly Rankings: Ranking Each IDP Position for Week 2

Welcome to QB List’s weekly rankings! Each week, I’ll be taking a look at the upcoming match-ups and ranking each IDP position. Here are the ranks for Week 2 of the fantasy football season.

Week 2 Notes:

  • One thing rankings can never account for is the big play and it compounds itself in Week 1 when owners tend to overreact to the point totals of a particular player, without digging into the stats. To find IDP gems look for snap counts, tackles, usage and injury. Guys who ply 65% of the plays are generally the players owners can rely on as every week starters. Injury still creates huge opportunities for backups to slot into a productive role.

  • Positive solo tackle stat crew match-ups can be found in Los Angeles C, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville and Kansas City. You should play your IDPs from these teams if you are deciding between two similar players.
  • Positive solo tackle stat crew match-ups can be found in Seattle, New York G, Cincinnati and Carolina. You should play your IDPs in this group if your league awards .75 points per assist or higher.
  • Offensive Line match-ups to exploit include: Cincinnati vs Houston, Houston @ Cincinnati, Dallas @ Denver, Seattle vs San Francisco, and Baltimore vs Cleveland. Look to start your edge and d-linemen from teams in bold. The lines in Houston, Cincinnati, Denver and Chicago looks pretty awful Week 1. Kizer Throwze is holding onto the ball too long in Cleveland, wouldn’t be surprised to see him lead the league in sacks taken.

Below are the full IDP rankings for Week 2 thanks to this widget from FantasyPros:

Marc Salazar

Born and raised in San Antonio and naturally a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan. I am proud to be "Daddy" to an amazing 7-yo little girl. I love everything about the strategy and complexity of NFL football, no other sport compares. I've been playing some form of fantasy football for 15+ years and I run dynasty leagues that include individual defensive players, contracts, free agency and rookie drafts. I hope to introduce at least one of you to the joys of this format.


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