What We Saw: Round 1 of the NFL Draft

QB List staff recaps round one of the #NFLDraft, focusing on the #FantasyFootball outlooks of each of the skill position players drafted on Thursday night.


Jordan Love, QB, Packers


Player Profile

Jordan Love is a talented but raw passer that the Packers selected as their presumed quarterback of the future at pick 26 as the fourth quarterback drafted. At 6’4″ and 224 pounds, Love wowed teams at the combine with his athleticism. He’s a work in progress that shouldn’t start from day one, but he possesses all of the tools that teams fall in love with (sorry) at the quarterback position. Love needs to work on play-recognition and not locking on to his first read, and he could use some more anticipation on his throws. Love has the tools to be a starting quarterback down the line, though we have seen plenty of projects at the quarterback position fail in the past.

Fantasy Outlook

It’s hard to have any excitement for Love’s fantasy value right now, as he was drafted to sit behind Aaron Rodgers and learn the ropes (presumably). Rodgers is under contract until 2023, so something has to give, as it seems unlikely that the Packers would use a first-round pick on a four-year backup. It’s equally hard to see the Packers moving on from Rodgers within the next two years, however, so Love’s value is near zero in redraft, and in a wait and see mode in dynasty.

Effect on New Team

What will this pick do to the relationship between Rodgers and the Packers? That is the big question and will determine how soon we see Love on the field, outside of injury. Otherwise, this is not a pick that will help the Packers win in 2020.


-Erik Smith