10 Players to Target in Trades—and What to Offer For Them

Nick Miko offers up some players worth targeting in trades and who to offer for them.

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Hi, my name is Nick and I am addicted to trading. It was bad last season and I am trying to improve this year. Not that I made bad trades but I made bad offers. It’s gotten so bad that one of the teams in my league this year’s name is No Miko No Trades. I think I may have upset him with some bad offers. Although the funny thing is that we successfully completed 3 trades last year.

I am hoping that this year we can all get better with our trade offers and realizing the value of our players. I would like to try and help everyone offer trades that may actually get accepted.

When I am looking for potential trade partners after deciding who I am willing to give up from my team I like to go to the page that shows every team’s full roster. I will then press command or control and F and type in RB, WR, TE for the position I am looking for. This helps highlight teams that are very heavy in one position so I can find a team to make an offer to. It also, usually means they are weak somewhere else and are a prime trade candidate.

One of the things I like to do is look through Buy/Sell articles to find ideas for trades. Sometimes I need a little help figuring out who I should be offering in trades from my team and who I should be targeting.

Here is my process for this article: I am going to pick a few players that I think should be bought or sold and then provide a range of players at every position from the Fantasy Pros Rest of Season Rankings that I would consider good value. I generally don’t trade position for a position unless my player’s upcoming schedule doesn’t look great. So I will generally not include that in this article.

I would love feedback from everyone on this idea and article. If you would like to submit some players to see how I value them, please reach out in the QB List Discord, the comments, or on twitter @nickmiko. I would also love to help out with trade advice and to answer any questions you may have.

A quick note about trading quarterbacks: It is very tough. I generally don’t do it often. If I do need a QB I like to target lower-end QBs. They are generally easier to obtain without giving up too much stock.

Patrick Mahomes

Even though Patrick Mahomes is a quarterback, I am looking to acquire him in leagues. I like his running ability and the situation he is in with the Chiefs.

Players I Would Trade for Mahomes

RB – Isaiah Crowell, T.J. Yeldon, Giovani Bernard (PPR), or James White (PPR)
WR – Chris Godwin, John Brown, Josh Doctson, or Danny Amendola
TE – Evan Engram, OJ Howard, Ricky Seals-Jones, or Greg Olsen (If someone wants to buy him playing again this season.)

As you can see I am not super high on Mahomes. I probably wouldn’t trade anything more than a top 50 RB or WR or a top 10 TE.

Kareem Hunt

There is a definite buy opportunity with Kareem Hunt right now. He didn’t score many points last week and fantasy football players can be very reactive at times. I don’t think Kareem will be the number 1 running back again this year but he can definitely be a solid startable running back.

Players I Would Trade for Hunt

QB – I don’t think there is a 1 for 1 deal that’s possible with a QB and Hunt.
RB – Lamar Miller or Jordan Howard with a little extra in a 2 for 1 deal.
WR – A.J. Green at the high end, Larry Fitzgerald, Adam Thielen plus a little extra, or Mike Evans.
TE – Rob Gronkowski plus another lower end RB like Carlos Hyde or Rex Burkhead

James Conner

James Conner is a tough player to decide what to do with. His value is so tough to decide. It’s really league dependent. If you’re a Bell owner, I would try to trade them together. If you are not, then I would try to offer him to the Bell owner. I would most likely be trying to trade Conner away at this point after that huge first game.

Players I Would Trade Conner and Bell for

QB – None
RB – Any of the top 5 running backs. Todd Gurley if you include something extra, Melvin Gordon, David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliot, Saquon Barkley, or Alvin Kamara.
WR – Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, Keenan Allen, or DeAndre Hopkins.
TE – Rob Gronkowski plus another lower end RB like Carlos Hyde or Rex Burkhead (This is becoming a theme. TE sucks, right?)

Players I Would Trade Conner for

QB – Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady (Probably not happening but this is where I value him.)
RB – Jordan Howard, Joe Mixon, or Devonta Freeman (if the injury isn’t severe.)
WR – T.Y. Hilton, Adam Thielen, Brandin Cooks, JuJu Smith-Schuster, or Josh Gordon.
TE – Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce, or Zach Ertz.

Alfred Morris/ Matt Breida

I think the Alfred Morris or Matt Breida owner is probably soured on them right now. They didn’t do much after a ton of hype leading into the season. I know am as an owner in multiple leagues. I am still not convinced either is going to be great but they could pay off in the long run. Of the two, I would most likely trade for Alfred Morris but I think their value is pretty similar right now.

Players I would Trade for Alfred Morris or Matt Breida

QB – I think you could trade Andy Dalton first week game or even Tyrod Taylor with his running skills for them to a team who might have started Marcus Mariota or Ben Roethlisberger last week.
RB – You could try to trade T.J. Yeldon or Phillip Lindsey if you won them off of the waiver wire and want a little more of a sure situation. I wouldn’t spend too much more than that till the situation is defined a little more.
WR – Quincy Enunwa
TE – George Kittle, Evan Engram, or Jack Doyle.

Joe Mixon

I am definitely looking to trade for Joe Mixon right now. He was a top 5 running back last week and I value him in the top 10 for the rest of the season.

Players I Would Trade for Mixon

QB – All. If someone wants to give you Mixon for someone who plays the quarterback position on your roster. Take it and run.
RB – James Conner, Lamar Miller, Alex Collins, Dion Lewis, Marshawn Lynch plus something, or Chris Thompson in PPR with something else.
WR – Mike Evans, Stefon Diggs, Brandin Cooks, Chris Hogan if someone is interested, or JuJu Smith-Schuster at the low end with something else.
TE – Probably not Rob Gronkowski but any other TE.

Michael Thomas

Last year I had Michael Thomas and he was one of the most reliable players on my team. I love having that one guy you can always count on. Thomas might be hard to acquire right now, but I am definitely trying to trade for him where ever I can.

Players I Would Trade for Thomas

QB – All of them. They probably won’t be enough. You will probably have to include another RB or WR and then more.
RB – Dalvin Cook, Leonard Fournette, or Jordan Howard plus a receiver.
WR – Mike Evans, T.Y. Hilton, or Stefon Diggs. You may have to include another lower end RB or WR to get these done but I think its possible.
TE – All other TE other than Rob Gronkowski. It would most likely have to include another middle range RB like Jamaal Williams or Michael Crabtree to acquire Thomas.

Emmanuel Sanders

I really like Emmanuel Sanders this year. He put up a big week last week and he was probably sitting on someone’s bench. This may make them think they could trade him for another position of need and I would absolutely do it.

Players I Would Trade for Sanders

QB – Any below Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady
RB – Lamar Miller at the high end if you are getting another RB back with Sanders, Dion Lewis, Marshawn Lynch, or Chris Thompson in PPR.
WR – Chris Hogan, Randall Cobb, Michael Crabtree
TE – Probably anyone other than Gronkowski, Kelce, or Ertz.

Mike Evans

Mike Evans scored a ton of points last week and I don’t think anyone saw it coming. People know his name and his value is high right now. I think you could get a more reliable option right now that will be more consistent going forward.

 Players I Would Trade Evans for

QB – None
RB – Kareem Hunt, Joe Mixon, Christian McCaffrey, Jordan Howard, or Kenyan Drake plus another RB or WR.
WR – Tyreek Hill (Another boom or bust guy. I like his situation a lot more going forward.), A.J. Green, Keenan Allen, Jarvis Landry with another position of need(especially in PPR).
TE – Rob Gronkowski

George Kittle

I like George Kittle’s situation a lot and his potential going forward. I think he will be a reliable TE that you can plug into your lineup and forget about.

Players I would Trade for Kittle

QB – Jared Goff, Alex Smith, Matt Ryan, Ryan Fitzpatrick
RB – Darren Sproles, Giovani Bernard, or Bilal Powell
WR – Will Fuller, Devin Funchess, Kelvin Benjamin, Keelan Cole
TE – Jack Doyle or Eric Ebron

Hopefully, this helps you get some sort of idea for the value of your players. Rember this is all relative and every league and person is different. Opinions may differ but it never hurts to send a trade offer out or a message to your league mate inquiring on value.

4 responses to “10 Players to Target in Trades—and What to Offer For Them”

  1. theKraken says:

    I would just like to say somewhere that I think Mixon is not a great value. Personally, I think Bernard is the more talented player. Mixon doesn’t do a great job of averaging over 4 ypc which is really bad, especially when you consider things like he plays for a formidable offense with a passing game and that he gets to split carrries. He seems like the type that will be exposed as he gets more carries and starts… kind of like Bernard and Jeremy Hill before him. Being a Bengals RB is a great situation, but I don’t think Mixon is the man.
    In general, I don’t think many of your offers would get accepted, but I like this concept of article. Most of the players you would trade are just huge downgrades. The trick is selling high and buying low.

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