QB List Staff 2018 Fantasy Favorites

Recently, the staff at QB List came together for this article where we each shared our top picks for the respective categories: “Your Guy” – One of your must-have players for this season and one that ends up on all/near all of your teams. “Favorite Sleeper” – A player who could blow up, but you […]

Draft Prep: Matty Ice is Primed to Set the League on Fire

Aaron Rader takes a look at Matt Ryan's value and why he might provide you a lot of value in your fantasy draft.

Draft Prep: Saved by the Bell

Matt Dean breaks down who should be the top pick in your draft this year.

Draft Prep: What Could Go Wrong With Every First-Round Draft Pick

Ryan Heath puts every 2018 fantasy first-round pick under the microscope.

Draft Prep: 12 Underrated Players To Target In Your Drafts

Earlier this week I gave my observations of overvalued players primarily based on Average Draft Position (ADP). You can find that here. Today we will look at 12 undervalued players, guys who I feel can outperform their ADP or guys I will take every time if they fall at this price. These players will help […]

Draft Prep: Position Battles and Depth Chart Changes For Preseason Week 2

Rosters are always changing and it can be difficult to stay on top of things. You can assume most players involved in position battles are not going to be huge contributors early in the season. However, the foundation may be laid for unexpected production after a few weeks of adjustment. Quarterbacks Cleveland Browns Oh, how […]

Draft Prep: 12 Overrated Players To Avoid In Your Drafts

Here at QB List we feel the best way to approach your draft is to break-down each position and draft the most valuable player that fits your teams need at the moment. While strategies like Zero RB or Late Round QB have become as recognizable to fantasy footballers as Cover 3, there is no single […]

So… Where Do I Draft Ezekiel Elliot?

Ezekiel Elliot led the league in rushing in 2016, and has now been suspended for six weeks. Let’s have a moment of silence for the Dallas Cowboys… … Wow, that was therapeutic. Time to get back to work. In the wake of this bombshell suspension, most of our draft boards have been thrown into chaos, […]