Coaching Time: Best And Worst Play-Callers For Each Skill-Position

Eli Grabanski looks at offensive-minded head coaches and offensive coordinators that could have a significant impact on fantasy value.

Best Coaches for Quarterbacks


Rank Pass Attempts Passing Yards Per Game Passing TDs
1 Scott Turner – WAS OC Eric Bieniemy – KC OC Eric Bieniemy – KC OC
2 Pete Carmichael – NOR OC Kellen Moore – DAL OC Pete Carmichael – NOR OC
3 Brian Callahan – CIN OC Pete Carmichael – NOR OC Sean Payton – NOR HC
4 Sean Payton – NOR OC Shane Steichen – LAC OC Nick Sirianni – IND OC
5 Randy Fichtner – PIT OC Sean Payton – NOR HC Adam Gase – NYJ HC


Most Pass Attempts Per Game



Most Passing Yards Per Game



Most Passing TDs Per Game




  • Scott Turner has only handled four games as an offensive coordinator but in those games he LOVED passing the ball a lot. While it’s not sustainable to throw 44 times a game, the Washington Football Team could end up being a pass-heavy offense.
  • Pete Carmichael and Sean Payton’s coaching combined with Drew Brees = Extremely good passing offense (Top 5 across the board)
  • Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy ranks very high in passing yards and passing touchdowns, but that’s probably more because of Patrick Mahomes than Bieniemy (who’s never actually called plays himself)
  • Bengals Brian Callahan only has been an offensive coordinator for 16 games and is high on the passing attempts list because the Bengals were the worst team in the league last year.
  • Steelers offensive coordinator, Randy Fichtner, ranks in the top five of passing attempts even with a season of backup quarterbacks playing a majority of the time…could we see a revitalization of Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers passing game?
  • Cowboys Kellen Moore led a very efficient passing offense last year. With Moore expected to retain play-caller duties, Dak Prescott should be a QB1 once again.
  • Chargers offensive coordinator Shane Steichen led a very efficient passing offense in his eight games as a play-caller last year after Ken Whisenhunt was fired…if this continues, Tyrod Taylor could be a huge value late in drafts.
  • Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni surprisingly made the top five in passing touchdowns. While he’s not the primary play-caller in Indianapolis (that would be Frank Reich), he appears to be doing a very good job in his role and could be a head coach candidate in the future if he keeps it up.
  • Maybe Adam Gase did coast off the coattails of Peyton Manning…but even without Manning his passing offense has been pretty good at scoring touchdowns.


Worst Coaches for Quarterbacks


Rank Pass Attempts Passing Yards Per Game Passing TDs
1 Alex Van Pelt – CLE OC Brian Daboll – BUF OC Scott Turner – WAS OC
2 Arthur Smith – TEN OC Kevin O’Connell – LAR OC Brian Daboll – BUF OC
3 Greg Roman – BAL OC Greg Roman – BAL OC Zac Taylor – CIN HC
4 Kevin Stefanski – CLE HC Chan Gailey – MIA OC Alex Van Pelt – CLE OC
5 Kevin O’Connell – LAR OC Brian Schottenheimer – SEA OC Kevin O’Connell – LAR OC


Least Pass Attempts Per Game



Least Passing Yards Per Game



Least Passing Touchdowns Per Game




  • The Cleveland Browns are probably not going to be throwing the ball a ton, as both their head coach (Kevin Stefanski) and offensive coordinator (Alex Van Pelt) rank in the bottom five of pass attempts per game. Baker Mayfield‘s upside may be limited.
  • Rams offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell ranked in the bottom five in every category that was examined…good thing head coach Sean McVay is the primary play-caller.
  • Arthur Smith’s offense attempted the second-least number of passes, but managed to stay off the bottom five for both passing yards and passing touchdowns. It will remain to be seen if his offense in Tennessee can be as efficient this year, but if it does I expect him to be a head coach on another team next year.
  • Baltimore’s Greg Roman doesn’t have his offense throw the ball very frequently or for a lot of yards…I wouldn’t be as worried about it affecting Lamar Jackson‘s fantasy value since he can run, but it will limit the upside of Baltimore’s pass-catchers.
  • Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll hasn’t led a very efficient passing offense in his 96 games as an offensive coordinator ranking in the bottom two for both passing yards and passing touchdowns…you’re going to be banking on Josh Allen‘s rushing ability once again to carry him to a QB1 finish.
  • New Miami offensive coordinator Chan Gailey has traditionally been a run-heavy coach and hasn’t had offenses that throw for a ton of yards…most people aren’t probably investing a lot in Ryan Fitzpatrick, but this could have an interesting ripple effect on the Dolphins pass-catchers.
  • Brian Schottenheimer’s run-heavy offense will limit Russell Wilson from hitting his true ceiling (QB1)…but I still expect Wilson to be a high-caliber fantasy quarterback.
  • Washington’s Scott Turner was the worst in passing touchdowns, but keep in mind he only called plays for 4 games and didn’t have his starting quarterback for any of them…might want to give him a mulligan.
  • The Bengals head coach Zac Taylor hasn’t had his offense throw a ton of touchdowns in his 21 games as a play-caller…while he should have a much better quarterback to work with this year in Joe Burrow, we might want to temper expectations for Burrow in year one.

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