Kickin’ It: The Top 14 Kickers for Week 5

What a great week for Kickers huh? My boy Chandler Catanzaro made up for his miss earlier in the game by nailing the overtime winner, further complicating the Jets chance for...

What a great week for Kickers huh? My boy Chandler Catanzaro made up for his miss earlier in the game by nailing the overtime winner, further complicating the Jets chance for the number one pick. Graham Gano hit the game-winner against The Patriots, keeping the bad guys down for another week. Greg Zuerlein scored 27 points. 27! Not only is that one of the highest outputs of the season so far, but that’s the second-best fantasy performance for a placekicker ever (The best was Rob Bironas‘ 29.0 (2007 Week 7).

Anyways let’s get back to the important stuff. Ranking Fantasy Kickers. Just a reminder we’ve got three levels of kickers, FG’s, Touchbackers and Squibs. Anyone not listed is someone you should avoid.


1. Mason Crosby, Green Bay Packers (@Dallas Cowboys) Crosby is a great play here. Not only is Green Bay’s Offensive line slowly but surely getting healthier, Dallas’s defense is a mess from top to bottom, and they should be able to handle Dallas’s D. Expect this game to be a shootout, with both Kickers benefitting.

2. Dan Bailey, Dallas Cowboys (vs Green Bay Packers) Like I said, shoot out. Bailey hasn’t been performing as expected this season, but this game he should crush it. Start him. But not over Crosby.

3. Jake Elliot, Philadephia Eagles ( vs Arizona Cardinals) Arizona is a team on the decline, and Philly is a team on the rise. And Arizona is going cross country. Elliot’s point totals been going up (8-11-19) the last couple of games and this game will be no exception. Expect Carson Wentz to carve up the Cardinals D, and Elliot to benefit big time.

4.Greg Zuerlein, Los Angeles Rams (vs Seattle Seahawks) Zuerlein caught lightning in a bottle last week, scoring more points than almost anyone. While lightning doesn’t strike twice, with the way the Rams are rolling, combined with the fact that the Seahawks terrible O line is going up against one of the best defensive lines in the NFL, Zuerlein should get a lot of opportunities.

5. Stephen Gostkowski, New England Patriots ( @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers) Tom Brady has got to be livid right? I think he comes out firing on Thursday and Gostkowski benefits greatly.                                     


6. Nick Folk, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (vs New England Patriots) On the flipside of this game. New England’s D is the worst in the game right now, and I don’t know if four days is enough to totally fix everything. Much like the Green Bay Dallas game, expect a high-scoring affair, with both kickers benefitting.

7. Ryan Succop, Tennesse Titans ( @ Miami Dolphins) Miami has scored 25 points this season, 19 coming from their first against the Los Angeles (and should return to San Diego ) Chargers. Not only is their offense tuuuurrible (and their defense for that matter), but this team, in their first three games have traveled to L.A, NYC, and London. They should be exhausted. So expect them to lay a dud all over the field. Succop should have a field day.

8. Kai Forbath, Minnesota Vikings (@ Chicago Bears) It seems as though The Bears have come back to earth after their surprising win against The Steelers two weeks ago. Fun little stat, Bears opponents have only missed one field goal against the Bears so far, going 7/8. If Sam Bradford was playing this game, Forbath would be way up there, but Case Keenum should get Forbath enough chances.

9. Graham Gano, Carolina Panthers (@ Detriot Lions) Sorry Gano owners, The Lions defense isn’t the Patriots, they actually perform. Expect a bit of a dip this upcoming week, but he should still be a good first.

10. Chris Boswell, Pittsburgh Steelers ( vs Jacksonville Jaguars). Jacksonville is all over the place huh? A forty point beat down of the Ravens, and then an overtime loss to the Jets. Personally, I think this no bye after the London games hurts teams, and I think between having to take two long trips in a row, Jax is going to be tired. Expect Big Ben and the Steelers offense (I’m not googling the correct spelling of that last name) to give Boswell some good opportunities.

11. Chandler Catanzaro, New York Jets ( @ Cleveland Browns) The Jets can’t even tank properly. They have been MUCH  better than anyone thought, and don’t even have the worst record in their own city, division, etc. Josh McCown has been very good as well, and Catanzaro has benefitted mightily. Expect more of the same this game.

12. Stephen Hauschka, Buffalo Bills ( @ Cincinnati Bengals) Buffalo’s playing great right now huh? And Hauschka is benefiting greatly, scoring 19 and 15 points respectively over the last two games. Buffalo is on a roll right now, and I don’t see any reason not to start Hauschka if you don’t have him.


13. Adam Vinatieri, Indianapolis Colts (vs San Fransico 49ers). If you have to start Vinatieri at some point, might as well be this game. Just make sure you cut him after this week.

14. Younghoe Koo, “Los Angeles” Chargers ( @ New York Giants) LOL. I mean, maybe? The Giants seem to be falling all over themselves this season, and Rivers is a damn good QB. Might as well give him a shot.

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