Overall 250 ROS Rankings: Week 12

Welcome to our weekly set of rankings of our top-250 overall players for the rest of the season. I should note that I’m not personally a big fan of massive,...

Welcome to our weekly set of rankings of our top-250 overall players for the rest of the season. I should note that I’m not personally a big fan of massive, position-combining lists and I think positional lists are more useful, however, take this and use it in whatever way you wish. Thanks to this widget from FantasyPros, you can break it down by position as well.


  • The argument against Alex Smith at the beginning of the year was “well he never throws the ball deep.” And then he started throwing the ball deep, and he was awesome. Now he’s back to not throwing the ball deep. That whole Chiefs offense looks bad, and Smith is a big part of that. He’s dropped in the rankings down to a QB2 and I don’t really know how he’s going to get much better unless he goes back to throwing it deep.

  • Speaking of the Chiefs, Kareem Hunt has been pretty rough lately too. I think it’s less indicative of his talent and more on the Chiefs’ offense as a whole, but he’s no longer for-sure RB1 for me.
  • DeMarco Murray hasn’t been doing what we all wanted him to do lately, and it doesn’t seem like anything’s going to change anytime soon. He’s still getting volume, but he’s doing nothing with it, you’re just praying for a touchdown. He’s a borderline RB2 now.
  • Like I said last week, good luck figuring out the Eagles backfield. It’s a three-headed monster now between Jay AjayiLeGarrette Blount, and Corey Clement. Ajayi, as a result, has taken more of a hit in the rankings because there’s no way you can guarantee his volume.
  • It’s always hard to figure out the Patriots’ backfield, but lately it seems like it’s the Dion Lewis show, and as such, he’s risen to an RB2. Rex Burkhead has seen a rise too, as he’s getting a fair bit of use out of that backfield, though for now, Burkhead is more of an RB3.
  • Ezekiel Elliott will be back soon, should only be two more weeks, which has naturally triggered a rise for him in the rankings a fair bit. He’ll be a massive asset for those who have made it to the playoffs with him.
  • Doug Martin has been ineffective and he’s hurt now. We’ll see when he comes back, but even when he was healthy, he wasn’t all that good. Martin’s injury has also triggered a rise in the rankings for Jacquizz Rodgers, who should be perfectly fine as a fill-in for Martin.
  • Jamaal Williams has been pretty effective in the absence of Ty Montgomery (who’s now out for the season) and Aaron Jones. I anticipate that he’ll continue getting the full workload, and as that passing game is fairly ineffective, Williams should get a decent amount of work, making him an RB3.
  • Yes, Josh Gordon is back this week, people of the NFL rejoice. He might see a major rise in the rankings soon enough depending on how he does, but as of now, he’s a massive lottery ticket. We have no idea what he’s going to look like, but we all know how insanely talented he is.

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