QB List Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet for 2019 Drafts

QB List debuts its first cheat sheet for the 2019 season, tailored for 12 team PPR leagues.

Our first cheatsheet for the 2019 fantasy football season covers my PPR rankings for a typical 12 team league. In future weeks, look for standard rankings as well as updates to the PPR rankings. Print this out for an easy list to use while drafting in person or online.

Thanks to Nathan Mills for his work in putting this cheat sheet together.


Download The PDF Here




Featured image and cheat sheet by Nathan Mills (@NathanMillsPL)

One response to “QB List Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet for 2019 Drafts”

  1. Bob Hurpten says:

    do you recommend doulbe dipping at QB in the first 5 rounds b/c of all the injuries and if both are good then trade one to fill holes later?

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