QB List Mock NFL Draft

Fourteen QB List staffers got together on April 13 for a slow mock of the first two rounds of the NFL draft. Trades were allowed, and the results are listed below.

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QB List Mock NFL Draft


QB List Mock NFL Draft


The following trades were completed during the draft:


Falcons traded picks 16 and 47 overall to the Jets, with the Falcons picking up 11 and 68 overall.

The Dolphins moved up to pick 13, with the 49ers and receiving picks 18 and 70 overall.

At pick 15 the Broncos trade back one spot to 16 and receive pick 120 overall from the Jets.

The Bears traded the 43rd, 50th, and 200th picks to the Jaguars for the 20th and 116th picks.

The Patriots traded the 23rd pick to the Panthers for picks 38 and 69 overall.

The Texans traded picks 40, 171, & Kenny Stills to Tampa Bay for picks 45 & 76.

The Steelers traded pick 49 to the Dolphins for picks 56 and 154.


Erik Smith

Head of QB List. Writer at numberFire and Pitcher List. Ohio University graduate. Now lives in Asheville, NC, right off the Blue Ridge Parkway.




Not gonna lie… the Dolphins killed it in this draft. Absolutely no bias on my part 🙂

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