Sit/Start Week 9: Reviewing All the Fantasy Relevant Players In Every Single Game

The QB List staff helps you make your sit/start decisions for every Week 9 game.

CLICK ABOVE for the matchup you want. All suggestions are based on 12 team PPR Settings.


12 responses to “Sit/Start Week 9: Reviewing All the Fantasy Relevant Players In Every Single Game”

  1. Frank Costanzo says:

    Hi Better at Fantasy, the Ranks at the side of the site are our rest of season ranks. Erik updates those each week.

  2. A Guy says:

    Start Lamar Jackson over Matt Stafford this week? That Patriots defense has got me thinking twice about starting Jackson.

    • Experts suck says:

      that is a tough one raiders allow qbs to pass all over them but with no run game what so ever from the lions i think raiders contain the lions at the collisuem …. Patriots have not seen a QB of Lamar caliber ..luke faulk..darnold..rose. allen etc you get the point…. go with the guy who got you here plus he will get at least 60 yards rushing and a tds or two.

  3. 413Irish says:

    Found this site a few weeks ago and I gotta say ,its really helped me out. Thanks! I’m loaded at WR and dont know what to do this week can u help a brother out??? Hopkins,tyreek,Diggs gallup , chark & Goodwin. I need 2 wr & flx what’s ur advice. Great site thanks again -413Irish

    • Experts suck says:

      cant bench hopkins and tyreek youd be kicking yourself to the moon if they are on your bench and go off….. last 1 is tricky but chark is the goto in jacksonville and houson pass defense doesn’t scare anyone.. good luck

  4. Daniel says:

    Should I start Gardner Minshew over Garoppolo in week 9 for my PPR league

  5. Experts suck says:

    need 2…… kirk vs49ers……e sanders@arizona…. danny amendola@oakland or robbie anderson@miami

  6. MarbleQ says:

    Jimmy Graham or Mark Andrews? Andrews is up against a tough D (Pats) but he’s been involved a lot, but Graham doesn’t get a lot of touches. (Thanks for all of this info, I just discovered this from Reddit)

  7. Steven J says:

    Would you start Mark Andrews over Darren Fells this week?

  8. Michael Robert Ropars says:

    I have a weak wr group my only choice is fitzgerald tn or do I pick up parker, diontae johnson, anthony miller/taylor gabriel, conley, hardman, or hollywood

  9. Brandy Bryant says:

    #byeweekblues – My available options for two RBs are Montgomery, Walton and McCoy (with DJ out) – I also need 1 WR – Conley or Dorsett (thinking about dropping him for Renfrow) and then 1 flex with the available leftovers. Thank goodness A Cooper is off bye. (I have Goff, Kupp, and Julio on bye)

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