Streaming QBs: Week 13

Mike Miklius takes a look at some quarterbacks worth streaming this week in fantasy.

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In week 12, we finally had some real honest to goodness streamer options. There were four guys this week who cracked the top 12 while being less than 50% owned including one who was a laughable 2% owned. Not only did we have options, but Baker Mayfield continued his upward trend and should pay dividends if you’ve held on to him as we recommended. I feel comfortable making him a weekly starter, only ignoring the worst matchups. Coincidentally, this week is a tough matchup with Houston, but I still might throw Mayfield out there anyways. He has looked great, and I’m a believer. Running down our list of options from last week, we had Baker Mayfield underowned (6th with 28.5 points), Jameis Winston as stream of the week (10th with 26.0 points), Lamar Jackson (10th with 26.0 points), and then Eli Manning (18.9 points) and Nick Mullens (15.0 points) if you were desperate. Three guys in the top 12 is an excellent week, especially considering each one put up 25+ points. Here is our full top-12 list:

Player Team Opponent Percent Owned Fantasy Points
Deshaun Watson Houston Tennessee 97% 31.5
Kirk Cousins Minnesota Green Bay 96% 30.8
Dak Prescott Dallas Washington 47% 30.3
Andrew Luck Indianapolis Miami 96% 29.7
Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Denver 97% 28.9
Baker Mayfield Cleveland Cincinnati 55% 28.5
Matt Ryan Atlanta New Orleans 97% 28.5
Josh Allen Buffalo Jacksonville 2% 27.9
Cam Newton Carolina Seattle 99% 27.1
Lamar Jackson Baltimore Oakland 42% 26.0
Jameis Winston Tampa Bay San Francisco 47% 26.0
Marcus Mariota Tennessee Houston 32% 26.0

In addition to our streamers, Josh Allen, Dak Prescott and Marcus Mariota also cracked the list. I think we need to keep an eye on Dak for the time being, though I’m more likely to wait on Mariota and Allen. Though I wouldn’t have guessed it before the season, Allen is looking like a capable starter and someone Buffalo is rallying behind. Good for them and that long suffering fan base. With all that being said, let’s dive right into week 13 and our best options.

Dak Prescott (56%)

Let’s start off with Dallas’ quarterback and a player who I would say is on the rise. Dallas has won their last 3 games and they seem rejuvenated after that big win over Washington. Having Amari Cooper (an actual, true-to-life wide receiver) clearly helps, and this team could be getting hot at just the right time. They face a tough test in New Orleans this week, but their passing attack shouldn’t have too much trouble. Heck, I’d even say there is a chance Dallas steals this one. Look for Prescott on waivers because he’s a strong option this week.

Jameis Winston (53%)

I have to admit this one makes me a little nervous, because I could see it playing out in two vastly different ways. Scenario 1: we see the “good” Tampa Bay offense, Jameis Winston throws 2-3 touchdowns and 300+ yards, and everything is smiles and roses. Scenario 2: a desperate Carolina team buckles down for a must-win game against their division rival and “ugly Jameis” comes out to play. He is pulled before it’s over, and Ryan Fitzpatrick closes it out. I personally expect the first outcome which is why Winston is on the list. Still, don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Lamar Jackson (45%, stream of the week)

We have now seen two straight solid weeks from Lamar Jackson, and he still hovers right below 45%. This feels like Baker Mayfield all over again as Jackson has the legs to make any week huge. Remember the one year from Robert Griffin III. Remember the Tim Tebow effect. Lamar Jackson could be the reason you win your league, or the reason someone else topples you. I’d consider adding him right now, if only for the preventative measure of stopping someone else. Not only do I like him moving forward, but Jackson is my stream of the week due to an excellent matchup with Atlanta.

Case Keenum (19%)

I’m gonna warn you that this is where the “drop off” happens in value this week. It’s not that I hate these options, but they simply feel decidedly worse than the three I’ve already mentioned, and the three that hopefully already filled your need. Still, some of you are bound to be still looking. If you are, Case Keenum presents an interesting package. The Broncos are 5-6, fresh off 2 straight wins, and still in the playoff hunt. They take on a free-falling Cincinnati team that just lost their quarterback for the season. I expect a Denver win and I expect Keenum to lead the way. I am hoping for 2+ touchdowns and something close to 300 yards…though maybe that makes me optimistic. Still, this is an A+++ matchup.

Derek Carr (18%) 

We finish off with one final desperate grasp at a starter this week. Let me get this out of the way: the Raiders are bad. They are very bad. Sure, they won two games and so technically are better than last year’s Browns. Still, I’d rather play for anyone than this dysfunctional mess. They clearly have a plan for the future, having 3 1st rounders in the coming draft, but that has to make life hell for the current roster. Each new day is a new face sent packing for picks. Bye Khalil Mack. Bye Amari Cooper. What’s left? Well, as bad as things are, Carr still gets to play the high-flying Chiefs offense. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 2-3 touchdown passes from Carr, if only because they have to throw the ball 50 times. Sure this is definitely my last resort of the week. However, I can easily see a world where it works out and Carr stops the ship form sinking…if only for now.

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