The Best QB Throws: Week 5

Your weekly dose of phenomenal throws from quarterbacks around the National Football League.

Every week we will bring you a selection of the best throws from quarterbacks across the NFL. Did you see an amazing throw worthy of inclusion? If so, you can tweet @TheQBList on Twitter to let us know and we’ll give you a shout-out here in the article if your tip makes the cut.


Josh Allen to Emmanuel Sanders


MVP? He might well be. Josh Allen went into Arrowhead and put the Chiefs to the slaughter in what was a rip-roaring display from the former Wyoming signal-caller. Allen has revelled in having Emmanuel Sanders as a veteran presence and complementary threat to star Stefon Diggs this season. This missile to Sanders to put the Bills ahead in the second quarter set the tone for Allen to kick on and take apart the Chiefs secondary at will for the rest of the contest.


Dak Prescott to CeeDee Lamb


We are going to be seeing this for years, Dak Prescott to CeeDee Lamb down the field for the score. The chemistry between the two is electric and Prescott shows that elite pocket presence to fire this dime right where Lamb wants it, in stride so he can accelerate into the end zone. Magic!


Aaron Rodgers to Davante Adams


Yes, you’ve seen this before…Aaron Rodgers winds up and hurls a deep ball for Davante Adams that lands perfectly in his breadbasket. Sensational! The arm strength and the accuracy, both almost effortless matched by the speed and determination of Adams to bring it in.


Justin Herbert to Keenan Allen


What more is there to say about the marvels of Justin Herbert this season. The second-year phenom out of Oregon has been sensational through five weeks and has firmly placed himself in the MVP race. Herbert has always delivered when the game has been on the line this season and the remarkable game against the Browns at the weekend was no different. On a 3rd & 5 with less than four minutes to play, Herbert wheeled right out of the pocket and hit Keenan Allen downfield for a first down in Browns territory. Breathtaking stuff.


Davis Mills to Chris Moore


Welcome to the NFL, Davis Mills! The unheralded third-round rookie has had a rough start to life as the Houston starting quarterback, with the playcalling not helping him in any way. So, it’s always nice to see a young quarterback trust his instincts and his receivers with throws like this. On the run, stepping up into pressure, and throwing into traffic, Mills puts the ball only where Chris Moore can go up to get it. The receiver does an amazing job of taking it to the house.


Carson Wentz to Michael Pittman Jr.


Some will argue that this ball is underthrown by Carson Wentz, and that definitely maybe is the case. However, this is the best throw from Wentz I’ve seen since his MVP-chatter days with the Eagles, so it’s worthy of inclusion here. Former USC wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. does a fantastic job of making a good throw look great.


Taylor Heinicke to Terry McLaurin


Despite Taylor Heinicke struggling mightily with his accuracy in this game, he still provided a couple of great moments. In particular, his connection with star wide receiver “Scary” Terry McLaurin continued to blossom with this delightful sideline throw. Heinicke does a great job of ball placement, throwing on time, and dropping the ball in front of the coverage so McLaurin can haul it in.


Jalen Hurts to DeVonta Smith


A couple of things that impressed me about this throw from Jalen Hurts on the two-point conversion to extend the Eagles’ lead to three points near the end of the game – he wields in the wide snap effortlessly; he then fends off the unblock rusher while being able to keep his eyes downfield to determine his best option; to finish, he executes a difficult throw on the run to perfection. Impressive from the second-year quarterback.


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