The Defensive Line – Week 18 D/ST Streaming

Let's see how the 2022 season shaped up.

We made it to the final week of the regular season and if you’re reading this, please know I cannot thank you enough for your support.  Even if all you did was misclick and say “@#$% I did not mean to click on that” and ended up here, I still am grateful.   We’re going to spend this week summarizing the seasonal outlook of this article.  If you are here for some picks, I will list them below but please be aware that the last week of the season is extremely volatile.


JetsESPN: 50% Y!: 37%
JagsESPN: 47% Y!: 45%
SteelersESPN: 44% Y!: 41%
SeahawksESPN: 24% Y!: 28%


So how did we do in our inaugural season?  First, the bad news – 35 % of the picks scored 5 points or fewer letting us down.  6 of those 21 picks were zero points or less, actively harming your team.  This is a clear pain point that will be improved upon before next season.  Now the good news – by logic, that means 65% of the picks got you through the week with at least 6 points.  20 of those 39 picks were double-digit fantasy points.  Moving forward, I would like to see fewer harmful picks and thus increase the good ones obviously.  I’ve learned quite a bit in my first season doing this and look forward to improving next season.

Now for the fun facts:

The most picked team of the first half of the season was the Minnesota Vikings.  In the second half, we picked the Washington Commanders the most.  Overall for the entire season, the Tennessee Titans made the list 6 times in total.  7 teams were picked at least four times.  In addition to the three previously mentioned, that group includes the Bengals, Chiefs, Giants, and Dolphins throughout the season.  Of them, the highest average weekly score was the Commanders with a 9.8 average for the season when we called upon them.  They narrowly beat out the only other team that was close to them, the Dolphins who averaged 9.7 over all the games that they made the column.

The highest weekly score that we picked came from the Cleveland Browns scoring 31 points against Houston when their D/ST played both defense and offense.   That one game boosted their average to 16 points per game (they were picked 3 times over this season).   The lowest-scoring team of the week came in Week 14 when we picked the home team Titans that hosted the Jaguars and bombed us with a fat -6 fantasy points.  Ouch.  Of the 8 teams that only made the article once, the Rams came away with the highest score among them.  (Week 16 vs Broncos, 21 points).


I hope you had a great season and most importantly had fun.  I’ll see you next year!


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