The Defensive Line – Week 3 D/ST Streaming

Four teams you should consider using for Week 3.

So you didn’t reach for the Bills with your 8th pick in the draft.  You looked smugly at the one who did, knowing they done goofed.  “Defense, then kicker in the final rounds”, you thought, rightly so.  You wince as you read the box scores for the first two weeks of their defense scores, and compare them to yours.  “They can’t keep getting away with this!”, you scream into the mirror.  No?  Just me?  Well if you drafted the Bills, you’re probably not here for the week’s picks.  However, the rest of us will prevail over the long run of the season, together.  We’re looking for teams that are close to or less than around 50% rostered in your league.  Here are four D/ST units I think you need to integrate into your team that should give you the edge at the position to win your Week 3 matchup!

Take note:  Not all leagues are the same!  Yahoo and Sleeper use similar D/ST scoring metrics, but ESPN also counts yards allowed, which the two former do not (using default scoring options).  In the end, you are the manager of your team!  Go with what you think gives you the best chance to take the W for the week, when all the “stud” defenses are taken.


New York Giants

Opponent: Cowboys

ESPN % Rostered: 2%

Yahoo % Rostered: 7%


Let’s take advantage of the backup QB under the Monday Night lights.  Cooper Rush had several ‘near-miss’ interceptions in week 2 and is not known to pick up chunks of yards scrambling from the pocket.  Ezekiel Elliot and Tony Pollard have yet to combine for 100 yards rushing this season.  The Giants have generated 3 turnovers and 3 sacks through the first two weeks. With the starting LT still on IR and the LG questionable after missing last week’s game making them start their rookie, I look to the  Giants to keep the pressure coming as the Cowboys have given up 5 sacks through two games so far.  The Giants through two games have given less than 270 yards against the Titans and less than 150 against the Panthers.  While they have given up some yardage in the ground game, the two running backs they’ve faced so far were Henry and McCaffrey, so they should be well aware of what they’re getting into heading into Week 3.  I believe the Giants will utilize Saquon to keep the Cowboys offense off the field as much as they can.



Philadelphia Eagles

Opponent: @ Commanders

ESPN % Rostered: 20%

Yahoo % Rostered: 33%


We’re back to the NFC East and this one is a bit riskier as the Eagles’ offensive talent usually means the other team is racking up passing yards throwing from behind, which is something ESPN counts in their standard scoring.  Two things stick out to me here- the Eagles have picked the ball off 4 times, and the other is Carson Wentz has thrown three picks so far.  I hesitate on this for the offensive yards, but I salivate at the thought of turnovers.  The Eagles have at least one sack so far in both games, and the Commanders have surrendered six sacks through two games.  Sure, the Commanders have impressive talent at the WR position, but so did the Lions and Vikings.  The rush attack from the Commanders has not been relied on in their first two games, so while it’s not much to go off for only two weeks, what I have seen does not scare me at all.   Look for the Eagles to once again put the Hurt(s) on their opponent.



Tennessee Titans

Opponent: Raiders

ESPN % Rostered: 3%

Yahoo % Rostered: 14%


We’re getting thin on matchups here, so let’s see what we have here-  A Titans team that just scored negative points in their last game.  Perfect!  That’s exactly what I like to see recommended from a new column, solid stuff.  Look, the Bills are going to be a terror for teams to face every single week, okay?  A good way to bounce back is to play your next game for the home crowd facing a Raiders team that has given up 7 sacks and 4 turnovers in their first two games.  Did I mention the Titans have 6 sacks in their first two games?  I think we can work with this matchup.  Jacobs has not had more than 70 yards rushing in either game.  Carr’s yardage through the air does worry me a bit, but we’re looking for turnovers in this one.  The best way to do that is to pressure the QB, something the Titans have shown they can do and the Raiders have allowed other teams to do.  I think Jeffrey Simmons is going to be a problem for the Raiders who are starting this week out with their rookie at center getting reps with the first team as their starter is questionable.



Chicago Bears

Opponent: Texans

ESPN % Rostered: 2%

Yahoo % Rostered: 6%


Well if you can’t Titan up, maybe you would rather Bear down?  While the Bears have generated 3 turnovers this season, the Texans have only turned it over once.  So we will try to change that in Chicago with pressure on the QB, something which the Bears have shown with 5 sacks and the Texans allowing giving up 6 sacks this season.  We’re still a week out, but there is a good chance for showers on  Sunday.  No, you’re right. It’s way too early in the week to be using weather reports so we’re going to have to rely on the stats.  The stats tell us the Texans have generated less than 75 yards of rushing in each of their games, but the fact that the Bears have been gashed for rushing yards, to say the least, is of some concern for certain.  However, the Bears have been able to keep the passing yards in check giving up around only 200 yards on average over the two games so far and I expect that trend to continue against Davis Mills, who continues to be without their first team center, having their back up slated to start again this week as of this writing.



Bonus:  These teams do not meet the threshold but there’s a chance they are available in your league, so check to see if they are:

Browns–     ESPN: 55%, Y!: 64%
Saints–       ESPN:  76%, Y!: 60%
Bengals–    ESPN: 61% , Y!: 69%
Chargers–  ESPN: 49% , Y!: 65%


*To-Do List:  Get a Twitter so everyone can notify me the instant I get a pick wrong

Good luck in Week 3, let me know in the comments if there’s anything else you’d like to see! 



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