Top 200 Overall Fantasy Football Players For 2022

Erik Smith ranks his top 200 overall players for 2022 fantasy football leagues.

For most of the fantasy football offseason, redraft players debate positional rankings as if the fate of the free world rests upon them. Who’s the RB1, who’s the WR1, and where does the tier of top tight ends end? We spend so much of the offseason debating these rankings that when the season is suddenly here and our rankings are put to the test, we realize that we have yet to combine our positional rankings in a way that is useful for our drafts.

My goal on these top 200 rankings is to show you how the positional tiers fit together and to ensure that you draft the highest value tiers that you possibly can. I want you to draft the players that I am high on and fade the players that I am low on. For example, I think you should attack the running back position early, so most of my round one and two options are ranked ahead of their ADP. But I also think that after locking up your RB1 you should fade the position for multiple rounds and stock up on wide receivers, so my rankings will reflect that as well.

For our position-based rankings, along with the full writeups for all of the top options, check out our top 60 RBs, top 60 WRs, top 30 QBs, top 25 TEs, top 20 Kickers, and top 32 Defenses. I also wrote up my Ultimate Fantasy Football Draft Guide for a detailed breakdown of how I approach drafts from a big-picture perspective.

Below are my top 200 rankings based on PPR scoring and single quarterback leagues. I’ve included the defenses and kickers that I would draft at the end in case your league still rosters them.

Updated 8/30/22




Photos by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Redler (@reldernitsuj on Twitter)

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