Top 80 Running Backs for 2021

Erik Smith ranks his top 80 running backs for the 2021 season. Updated 8/21.

Running back is where you can truly win or lose your fantasy football league, as stars rise and fall faster than any other position. It pays to be early on young running backs before their ADP skyrockets, and hanging on one year too long can sink your season if a veteran running back falls off a cliff. While early-round running backs are key to winning a fantasy championship, leagues are often won by managers that can find that late-round diamond in the rough.

All ranks are based on PPR scoring.

Photo by William Howard/Icon Sportswire | Feature Graphic Designed by James Peterson (Follow @jhp_design714 on Instagram & Twitter)

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  1. Eric says:

    These player capsules are terrific – fun, with a mix of stats and opinion with an entertaining writing style. I am intrigued by the references to initial projections vs the published and various What If scenarios as well. Thanks for the great content!

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