Week 2 Streamer Options – D/ST

Chris Sanzo picks his 4 favorite D/ST streamers for Week 2.

Chances are if you’re looking for streaming options, you aren’t going to find the likes of the Rams, Broncos, Bucs, Pats or WFT sitting on your waiver wire. I’ll just say now, if they’re there, pick ’em up. There we go, happy to help. If your league is like most, those D/ST’s were taken in the last few rounds of your draft. These should provide you with some available options in seasonal leagues and as alternative options to the chalk plays in DFS.


San Francisco 49ers 

Opponent: @ Philadelphia Eagles

DraftKings: $3600

FanDuel: $4800


Jalen Hurts was able to take advantage of a bottom-tier Falcons defense. He showed he was able to make accurate throws and still make plays with his legs. In recent years, SF has struggled with mobile QBs, but Hurts is not even close to the level of Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray. Now, he’ll be facing a unit that generated 31 total pressures, hitting Goff on 9 of those. While I could see Philly getting on the board enough to at least keep the game close, they’ll need Hurts to throw quite a bit and that plays into the 49ers’ strength. Generate pressure, hit the QB, take down backs for losses, create turnovers. Giving up 24 is fine, provided it comes with sacks, fumbles, and interceptions.



New Orleans Saints

Opponent: @ Carolina Panthers

DraftKings: $3100

FanDuel: $4300


I would actually be content with either of these teams, but the Saints offer a higher upside play. New Orleans had some trouble against the outside pass rush of GB, but most do. That said, they performed like an elite unit compared to the Panthers. Taylor Moton was the single member of the line not to give up multiple hits and hurries. Cam Erving and Pat Elflein were especially atrocious, accounting for a combined 8 pressures, 4 hurries, and 4 hits. Sam Darnold did well under pressure in week 1, but his chances to repeat that performance under duress against the Saints are very slim.



Cleveland Browns

Opponent: vs Houston Texans

DraftKings: $3500

FanDuel: $4200


This game could get out of hand in a hurry. If it does, the negative game script won’t hide the many, many flaws this Texans unit is trying so hard to conceal. While the offensive line is one of the few bright spots, living in true passing sets will take its toll. There should be ample opportunity for the Browns defense to pad some sacks and turnovers onto their stat lines. Another bonus is that they get the Bears in week 3. Whether or not they are ready to pull the trigger on Justin Fields really won’t have an effect as they go from a lackluster veteran playing out a string to a rookie in potentially his first NFL start.



Seattle Seahawks

Opponent: vs Tennessee Titans 

DraftKings: $3000

FanDuel: $3700


The Seahawks were just impressive. There’s really no better way to say it. On offense they were electric and authoritative, on defense they were fired up and ready to dominate the Colts’ line. Every time Carson Wentz snapped the ball, he was running around looking for an opportunity to extend the play and avoid the sack. The secondary blanketed the receivers on most throws and on the few they didn’t, they were still right there to make the tackle. Jonathan Taylor was heavily featured and he did nothing all game, looking average at best. Meanwhile, the Titans line was porous and often time out of position. They struggled to get into a rhythm against one of last year’s lowest-ranked defenses in Arizona. It’s not a stretch to think that a team struggling to find itself with a new OC and a litany of preseason issues will continue to struggle into Week 2 against a defense coming off a dominant, momentum-building victory.



(Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire)

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