Week 5 Streamer Options – D/ST

Chris Sanzo picks his four favorite D/ST streamers for Week 5.

These suggestions, as always, will not feature highly rostered DSTs, nor will it cover teams from previous weeks. If you were able to grab one from the previous selections and they still have a favorable matchup, like Dallas drawing the Giants, go ahead and start them again, no need to waste FAAB or waiver priority. If you have a defense like Tampa, you should be starting them every week. If you need a spot start, like maybe not starting Buffalo against the Chiefs, or if you just need a DFS play, hopefully this helps.


Carolina Panthers

Opponent: vs Eagles

DraftKings: $3400

FanDuel: $3800


After a bad loss to the Cowboys, the Panthers will be looking for payback against an offense that has only looked good in negative game scripts and the Panthers won’t be running away with this one. The abandonment of a run game by the Eagles has given way to more opportunities for the defense to score sacks and turnovers, and Jalen Hurts has just not been good enough in these spots to do much damage on your “points against.” If the offensive line doesn’t get healthy, this could be an even more difficult game for the Eagles’ offense and an equally more attractive game for the Panthers D-Line that has averaged over 4 sacks a game. Hurts’ go-to has been his legs when under pressure, so keeping him contained will be their biggest obstacle to success. This is also probably your last chance to pick up this DST while it is still available. 3 of their next 5 games come against the Giants, Falcons, and Patriots; then back again after the Cardinals game for another favorable stretch.



Las Vegas Raiders

Opponent: vs Bears

DraftKings: $2900

FanDuel: $4500


Regardless of the starting QB, this is a great spot for the Raiders’ DST. No David Montgomery means less ground work and more QBs running for their lives at every snap. The Lions, not known for their stout defense, were able to pick up a sack and an INT while letting up 24 points to the Justin Fields led squad, and I would have much higher expectations for the Raiders who have been playing well to start the year. This is another squad that faced a tough opponent in Week 4 that should make them more widely available this week, but that I would start with great confidence. Despite giving up 28 points to an electric a potent Chargers squad, they were pressuring Justin Herbert all night. They ended with 9 hurries, 5 hits, and 2 sacks on 16 pressures, including also 2 pass deflections. If that same rush shows up for Fields or Andy Dalton, there should be impressive results on the scoreboard. At $2900 on DraftKings, they should be a lineup booster this week.



Arizona Cardinals

Opponent: vs 49ers

DraftKings: $2900

FanDuel: $4700


This defense may go a bit unheralded with how well the offense plays and that is not unwarranted. Kyler Murray is doing special things in the desert and their games are not exactly low scoring. However, what they do not offer in PA, they make up for in turnovers and getting to the QB. They are averaging an INT and 2.5 sacks per game but have admittedly been boom or bust on the fantasy scoreboard; scoring 33 combined points in two weeks against Tennessee and Jacksonville, and a putrid -1 combined against Minnesota and the Rams. The 49ers are a middle ground for what we’ve seen and whether it’s Trey Lance or Jimmy Garoppolo under center, there’s potential for points. Garoppolo offers a low ceiling for offensive production and is prone to turnovers across the middle of the field where Arizona’s ball hawks run free. Lance would be getting his first career start and is not exactly Tom Brady level accurate. I would expect at least one INT if from nothing but tipped passes. Add in each’s rushing acumen and there’s going to be opportunities for sacks, especially when they’re extending plays. If Trent Williams misses any time especially, this line could have a big day.



New England Patriots

Opponent: @ Texans

DraftKings: $4900

FanDuel: $5000


This is not just following a bad opponent in the Texans, though that is a solid plan. Houston scored exactly zero points against the Bills last week, but managed to work in multiple turnovers and sacks. This, aside from the Texans’ offensive ineptitude, is about the Pats being available for a lower price on your waivers this week. This game is sandwiched between the Bucs and Cowboys, and outside of a Week 7 Jets team coming into Gilette, they do not have the softest schedule. That said, this defense can hang with almost any team so ponying up the cash this week would buy you a defense you can deal with for the long haul if you’re so inclined. There may be a couple bumps, including two late-season games against Buffalo, but getting to your Super Bowl and seeing Jacksonville roll in would put a smile on any manager’s face. They are the most expensive DFS option this week, so for daily options, I would prefer the Raiders or Cardinals.



Previous Week: Indianapolis, Dallas, Green Bay, New Orleans


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