Weekly Rankings: Ranking Each Position For Week 2

Welcome to QB List’s weekly rankings! Each week, I’ll be taking a look at the upcoming matchups and ranking each position, as well as flex positions. Note: rankings will be...

Welcome to QB List’s weekly rankings! Each week, I’ll be taking a look at the upcoming matchups and ranking each position, as well as flex positions.

Note: rankings will be updated throughout the week, so continue checking back here as the week goes on.

Week 2 Notes:

  • I’m a bit higher on Terrance West and Javorius Allen than most this week, and it’s because I think the Ravens really are going to try and balance their offense more and become more run-focused for two reasons. First, I think they know they can’t expect to make a Super Bowl run with Joe Flacco throwing the ball 40 times a game. He’s not Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, that’s not how he works. Second, I think they want to protect Flacco as he’s still getting over his back injury, and focusing more on the run game is a good way to do that. West is a solid runner who fits pretty well with offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg’s West Coast style offense, and against the Cleveland Browns, whose defense is unimpressive, I think both West and Allen could see a fair bit of work. Allen, I think, is going to be more useful in PPR leagues as I think he’ll fill the Danny Woodhead role while Woodhead is out.

  • I know the Kansas City Chiefs have a good front seven, but I still think LeGarrette Blount could have some success this week. He was solid last week, and as the Eagles go with a more balanced attack (and I think they will), Blount will have more value. I also think that the Chiefs aren’t going to be able to stack the box against Blount all that much given how successful Carson Wentz and the Eagles passing game was last week. He makes for a solid flex play and a borderline RB2 in deeper leagues.
  • A lot of people are being cautious with Kerwynn Williams this week, which I can understand. Bruce Arians has come out and said Williams will be the number one back with the injury of David Johnson, and certainly going against the Indianapolis Colts garbage front seven is an enticing matchup, but I can’t say I’m 100% convinced that Williams has the job entirely to himself, as Andre Ellington and the newly-signed Chris Johnson could certainly work their way into some work. That being said, I think Williams will get his fair share of volume. If Ellington or Johnson are going to work their way into some touches, they need to show it first. That might happen later in the season, it might not happen at all, but until then, I think Williams is a solid volume play against a junk front seven. If we came away from Week 2 saying “Wow, Kerwynn Williams had a ridiculous game,” I wouldn’t be shocked.
  • A.J. Green is still a WR1 this week, but he’s just at the tail end of it for me. Andy Dalton looked atrocious against the Ravens in Week 1, and now he’s going up against an equal if not better defense, and arguably the best front seven in the NFL, which means he’ll be seriously under pressure (cause that offensive line looked terrible). I’m still starting Green without hesitation, but just be aware that it might not be A.J. Green in all-caps.
  • I liked what I saw from Jeremy Maclin last week, and I think that even though the Ravens are going to go more run-heavy, Maclin will get his fair share of targets. Maclin looked good, especially on his touchdown catch, and against the Browns in Baltimore? That’s even better. I really think he could be a WR2 this week.
  • You can throw on the Redskins, as the Eagles showed last week, and I think the Rams could do it too. Jared Goff isn’t Carson Wentz, so I’m not expecting the world from him, but I think Sammy Watkins could still have a very productive game against a mediocre secondary. I also think Cooper Kupp could have another nice game, as he looked very good last week and appeared to be a favorite target of Goff.
  • I’m worried about Dez Bryant this week because I’m expecting Chris Harris to shadow him, and that’s bad news. Bryant is still exceptionally talented, and he could still snag a touchdown, but Harris is going to prove to be a difficult challenge for Bryant.
  • Evan Engram looked solid last week and I still think he’s a really talented receiving tight end. Now he gets to go against a pretty bad front seven with the Detroit Lions, and if he gets the targets (and he just might), he could be pretty productive. He’s still a TE2, but he’s got upside.


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