Welcome to QB List 2.0!

Welcome to QB List 2.0!

Welcome to QB List 2.0!

I’m incredibly excited today to launch a new era at QB List.

The spirit of Pitcher List is well apparent across the staff and feel here at QB List as we’ve assembled an incredibly smart and passionate staff for the 2018 season. I have little doubt that those who have been following Pitcher List will feel right at home at QB List.

We’ve made some major changes since our debut season and allow me to go through each new feature:


New Look

You may recognize the design of the site from Pitcher List as we maintained the same feel from our redesign in the spring. Sports photos and fancy rank tables included.


Triple The Staff, Triple The Content

We’ve done a complete overhaul not with the presentation of the site, but the core of the site itself: the writing team. We’re jumping from ten staff members to thirty, featuring talented writers from across the world that share the same passion and insight for football that helped bring Pitcher List to life.

With the increased staff, we’re able to broaden the scope of QB List, helping us live the vision we had last summer. Here’s a taste of what to expect:

  • Every NFL team will have a staff writer covering them for weekly pieces that merge context with analytics, and in-depth preseason team preview articles
  • Multiple weekly podcasts
  • Six pieces of content every day ranging from Waiver Wire Adds and Weekly Ranks to Offensive Line analysis and Goal Line Targets
  • Daily Going Deep pieces with the same approach as their counterpart at Pitcher List


Community Discord Server

One of my favorite additions to Pitcher List this year has been our community Discord server (formerly Slack) where readers who support us on Patreon talk 24/7 about baseball, fantasy, and life with the entire staff and Pitcher List community.

I’m happy to announce that all of our Pitcher List Patreon supporters will gain the same features for QB List for freeCome join our Discord Server while also helping us continue to do what we do.


Collaboration Articles

Possibly my favorite addition this season will be two massive articles on Mondays and Fridays that pulls from over half of the QB List staff working together. These two articles – What We Saw and Game Previews – will provide context to what is happening to your players inside their team. Writers have been assigned teams to cover through the year, collaborating to tell you what they saw from thier team’s weekend games to help understand the numbers in the box score. Fridays will feature the team coming together to preview each game, outlining trends and expectations for the weekend ahead.

I could not be more excited for the season ahead. The outstanding team we’ve put together is everything I have envisioned to carry over the feel of Pitcher List into the fantasy football realm. I hope to see you here through 2018 and beyond.

Good luck and enjoy!

-Nick Pollack, Founder

4 responses to “Welcome to QB List 2.0!”

  1. CC says:

    Congrats Nick! I look forward to reading all the great articles you and your staff will put out.

    • Nick Pollack says:

      Thanks CC!

      I’m actually going to hands off when it comes to writing, just behind the scenes and making sure everything is going smoothly. I’ll be writing at Pitcher List through the off-season after all :)

      You’re in good hands here though, this staff is something else!

      • SJ says:

        Nick, so you’re not going to be the de-facto writer of the Lions? Was kind of looking forward to some of that hometown perspective that I get with PL….

        • Nick Pollack says:

          Ha! If this is a BC Lions joke, I’m not sure they ever had a football team!

          If you’re talking Detroit Lions, you’ll be super happy with Andy Patton this year.

          You don’t want me writing about football, let me tell you.

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