Welcome to QB List 3.0!

Take a look at what's in store for QB List in 2019 and beyond.

Welcome to QB List 3.0!


Welcome! Erik Smith here, taking over for Nick Pollack and Ben Palmer as the Head of QB List for 2019 and beyond. After an offseason hiatus, we are back, and ready to help you with everything fantasy football related and I can’t wait to share everything that we have planned for the season ahead. Going forward, you can expect us to be active throughout the offseason, as our fantasy football obsession knows no bounds. We will never go dark again.

This season’s changes center around fine-tuning what we have learned over the past two years in order to cover all of the things that we want to cover, which is virtually everything fantasy football related. Here are some of the additions and changes that we are most looking forward to.


Bigger Staff, More Coverage


In order to cover all that we want to cover, our staff has grown larger for the second straight year. After scouring Reddit, Twitter, other fantasy football sites, and even poaching a few people from Pitcher List, we now have a staff of more than 40 people. I can’t wait for you to check out our new writers, and I hope you will return to check out your favorites from last year as well. Our staff at Pitcher List is the secret sauce of what we do there and QB List is no different. We truly have a special crew here and their initiative and passion have pushed plenty of the changes you’ll see at the site.


Top Notch Graphic Design


One of my favorite additions to QB List is enlisting the help of the graphics team from Pitcher List, including the talented Justin Paradis and Nathan Mills. You’ll immediately notice the difference on day one, as we have custom graphics for most of our launch day pieces. I look forward to seeing what our team comes up with throughout the year.


Revamped Game Previews & What We Saw Coverage


Our dedicated staff members that focus on game coverage have streamlined the process, giving you the ability to quickly catch up on any games that you may have missed, as well as prepare you for the weekend’s upcoming games. Our What We Saw team will review every game of the season, including preseason games, in order to efficiently catch you up on the week’s action. And our Game Preview team will focus on providing you quick, actionable advice for your important start and sit decisions for each week’s matchups.


More In-Depth Analysis


Because of our streamlined game coverage and bigger staff, we are now able to provide more depth to our coverage than ever before. Look for more frequent Going Deep articles, a full slate of weekly roster management advice, and increased dynasty coverage. The QB List Fantasy Football Podcast launches today and will record three times a week for the duration of the year. Add in mock drafts, a weekly updated QB List cheatsheet for draft day, and increased DFS and betting coverage, and we are doing more than ever before in 2019.


We’ve worked hard this offseason to bring you the best fantasy football content that we can, and we are excited to roll out all of the content we have planned over the upcoming weeks and months. If you would like to support us and join our amazing Discord server containing the best fantasy football and baseball talk on the internet, consider supporting us on Patreon. Best of luck in your fantasy leagues this year!

-Erik Smith


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