What We Saw: Preseason Week 1

As is tradition with the first week of Preseason games, many teams decided to completely bench their starters and roll with the backups right from the get-go this week. For many of those teams, such as Atlanta, Tennessee, Minnesota, etc. the offensive performance was shoddy at best with not much to write home about. Those games were tough to watch.

For the teams that did start either their starters or their heralded young quarterbacks we at least had something exciting that kept us on our seats. Trey Lance completed a deep bomb for the first touchdown of his young career, but there were enough head-scratching plays out of him too which may have made some of us rethink both his and Jimmy Garoppolo‘s fantasy values.

Trevor Lawrence also looked puzzled at times out there and the growing pains were very apparent throughout their game. Jacksonville had the number one overall pick for a reason, and one star player doesn’t fix that completely, so maybe this was a wake up call that we shouldn’t expect Lawrence to light the world on fire right away in Week 1 (though that matchup in Houston IS juicy).

Zach Wilson and, especially, Justin Fields both seemed to do a little more than either Lance or Lawrence and their fanbases should be starting their Monday with a little extra pep in their step. Not to say both performances were perfect, as you’ll read about here, and they’ll surely see their bumps in the road soon enough as well. Rookies are rookies for a reason.

Like NFL teams, we here at QB List also have some rookies on the squad who made their debuts this weekend, and for many of us on staff this is also our first jump back into writing football in months. We can’t tell you how excited we all are to be back here covering football games for you. After a long hiatus where so much has happened here on our little blue rock, it was just nice to kick back and watch some entertaining football this weekend and we hope you’ll enjoy our recaps this week and throughout the rest of the season. Click the links above to check out everything you need to know about Week 1.


Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns on Twitter)

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