Alasadair Thornton

Long suffering Jets Fan, comic book nerd, aspiring sitcom writer. I've come to Pitchers List to blog about the most important position on your Fantasy Football team, the Kicker.

Kickin’ It: The Top 14 Kickers for Week 5

What a great week for Kickers huh? My boy Chandler Catanzaro made up for his miss earlier in the game by nailing the overtime winner, further complicating the Jets chance for the number one pick. Graham Gano hit the game-winner against The Patriots, keeping the bad guys down for another week. Greg Zuerlein scored 27 points. 27! […]

Kickin’ It: The Top 14 Kickers for Week 4

Oh man, what a great week 3 eh? Chicago with a surprise win, my Jets getting their first win of the season in dominating fashion. Then there was Jake Elliot, winning the game for Philadelphia on a 61-yard field goal as time expired. Truly, he is a god amongst men. Of course, then there was […]

Kickin’ It: The Top 14 Kickers For Week 3

Hello, again Fantasy Football players. Great week two amirite? Kansas City seems to me like a force to be reckoned with, even with the loss of Eric Berry. New England Seems to have righted their ship, containing a usually high-octane New Orleans offense. However, the most entertaining moment HAD to be the Dolphins/ Chargers game […]

Kickin It: Ranking The Top 14 Fantasy Kickers For Week 2

Man, what a first week right? Alex Smith played like his job was on the line (which it is), resulting in the BILLS leading the AFC East for the first time since week two of the 2014 season. Perennial cellar dwellers, The Cleveland Browns, and Chicago Bears took their opponents in the Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta […]

Kickin’ It: The Top 14 Kickers For Week 1

Here we are, the most important list of the site. But seriously, in the cutthroat world of fantasy, you can’t afford to ignore any position, including your kicker. So, through the rest of the season, I’ll be providing my take on the top 14 kickers for the week. These rankings will be based on matchup, injuries, and […]

2017 Rankings: All 32 Kickers For Ranked For Fantasy Football

Yup, we’re doing it. Ranking kickers. Believe it or not, just like any other position, having a good kicker can be the difference between losing a game. So yeah, it’s not the smartest idea to take any of these guys before the last round of your draft. But you better know who to take when […]