Myles Nelson

The following Guillotine League articles promote weekly elimination, bloodshed, and looting. Reader discretion is advised.

QB List’s Guillotine League: Last Man Standing

15 weeks ago, a full league of QB List staffers and supporters started their Guillotine journey with ambitions of becoming a champion. Week after week, the Guillotine chopped our dreams away, one at a time. Now, there's just one man left standing.

QB List’s Guillotine League: We’ve Reached the Semi-Finals

We're down to the final 3 teams in the Guillotine League!

QB List’s Guillotine League: This Thing’s Still Going?

Four teams remain in QB List's Guillotine League as we enter the homestretch.

QB List’s Guillotine League: Burn the Witch!

Three first-round picks hit the waiver wire, and one of them went for $1. What on Earth is going on in the QB List Guillotine League?!

QB List’s Guillotine League: The Great (RB) War

A top-5 running back gets Guillotined this week, proving that absolutely no one is safe anymore.

QB List’s Guillotine League: The Halfway Point

We're an 8-team league now, which means we are officially halfway done with the QB List Guillotine League!

QB List’s Guillotine League: Eliminated Not With a Bang, But a Whimper

The QB List Guillotine League has dropped to below 10 teams now! What kind of wild and wacky stuff happens when our 10th manager gets sent packing?

QB List’s Guillotine League: Pulling a Second Rabbit Out of the Hat

You know what's more incredible than a last-second, come-from-behind victory? Doing it twice in a row. Which writer pulled off the comeback for the second straight week?

QB List’s Guillotine League: Down Goes The Underbaker

We set a record for highest point total for an eliminated team this week. Who's the unlucky manager being sent packing?