Dynasty Rankings: Ranking Each Position After Week 3

Justin Dunbar reveals his dynasty league rankings after three weeks of NFL action.

Quarterback production in fantasy isn’t as much about volume; efficiency matters, as do touchdowns, although they aren’t as stable. Simply taking away touchdowns and looking at the players who produce the most yardage (weighing rushing twice as much as passing), can give you a good idea of which players are thriving in a more stable fashion. At the quarterback position, I’m obviously evaluating them as players (they dictate the offense), but also the stability of their current situation, their rushing upside moving forward, and their room to grow moving forward. Is this their peak, or will they be regarded even higher in fantasy leagues in the future? That’s the $1,000,0000 question we’re trying to answer.

Before we get to the rankings, let’s go over some of the key points to touch on:


  • Outside of Kyler Murray overtaking Josh Allen – Murray appears to be taking that third-year leap – the top of the rankings are pretty standard. I’d feel very confident with having a top-four quarterback.


  • I’m very optimistic about the new Chargers coaching staff, who are running a fast-paced, pass-heavy offense. This bodes well for the development of Justin Herbert, as well as the consistent volume he’ll be able to have.


  • Nothing has changed with the rookie quarterbacks, who you can find a breakdown of here.


  • It is obviously impossible to rank Deshaun Watson right now, and if you simply did not want him on your team, that is understandable. For a rebuilding team, he’s definitely a top-ten quarterback, though he’s offering no value this year.


  • Jalen Hurts is an excellent short-term option at quarterback, yet we still don’t know if he’ll even be the Eagles’ starting quarterback next season. The greater the chances are that he starts next season, the more he’ll move up the rankings.


  • We expected Joe Burrow’s rehabilitation from a torn ACL and MCL to be slow, though the fact of the matter is that the rookie quarterbacks ranked ahead of him all offer much more as a rusher at this point, and I think we can all say the Bengals aren’t the beacon of stability right now.


  • Tua Tagovailoa being on injured reserve isn’t helping his case, yet it’s unlikely Miami gives up on him, given the investment they made in him. As mentioned here, Tagovailoa still profiles as a player who can be a top-12 player at the position in the future.


  • Sam Darnold rises up this list, as he’s clearly benefitting from a better situation in Carolina. I’m skeptical of his play under pressure regressing significantly, yet he’ll still be a streaming option moving forward based on his improvement from a clean pocket and his rushing production. Plus, the Panthers already exercised his fifth-year option, so this isn’t a situation he’s leaving anytime soon. Hopefully, Daniel Jones can find himself in a better situation at some point as well.


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