Pre-NFL Draft: Superflex Rookie Mock Draft

With the "real" draft just around the corner, we gathered writers from all over the Fantasy Football landscape for one final mock draft to evaluate rookies before we know where they'll land.

Round 1


1.01 Breece Hall, RB (Jets)

Erik Smith (@eriksmithQBL)- QB List

Source: Twitter @BreeceH


Previous Pick: 1.02 

Hall is the best shot at a three-down back in this draft, and the fall of Malik Willis locks him in at the top spot in SuperFlex leagues. There are probably two receivers I like more than him in a vacuum, but the trade value of Hall makes him the pick at 1.01.




1.02 Drake London, WR (Falcons)

Kyle Borgognoni (@kyle_borg)- The Fantasy Footballers

Source: Twitter Drake London


Previous Pick: 1.05 

London’s production profile, draft capital, and immediate opportunity in Atlanta’s offense makes him a locked-in top-3 rookie pick. I’d rather take the WR over Pickett given his age and the long term outlook.



1.03 Kenny Pickett, QB (Steelers)

Mike Miklius (@SIRL0INofBEEF)- QB List

Source: TwitterPrevious Pick: 2.02 

We’re playing Superflex, and I get the top QB off the board–the only one to go in the first round–at 1.03? Sign me up all day. I don’t love any of the prospects in this draft, but Pickett is a Pittsburgh kid picked by the Pittsburgh Steelers. I can’t imagine they make that move unless they have future plans for him. I love the value here and I’m happy to make Pickett my first pick of the draft.



1.04 Treylon Burks, WR (Titans)

Marc Salazar (@oldsnake77)- QB List

Source: Twitter

Previous Pick: 1.04 

Sticking with Burks here at the 1.04. You could take two or three other players here and make strong arguments, but Burks lands in a great spot. A competitive team, plenty of opportunities for snaps and targets, and the best analytical profile in the draft.



1.05 Garrett Wilson, WR (Jets)

Jack Miller (@JackMiller02)- Establish the Run

Source: si.comPrevious Pick: 1.06 

Top-10 NFL Draft pick; early declare; solid production profile at Ohio State. I got London with this pick in the first draft and would love to have had the opportunity to run it back, but his value has obviously increased after going eighth overall to Atlanta. I’m happy grabbing Wilson as a fellow highly drafted wideout who should be in line for significant volume in Year one.





1.06 Kenneth Walker III, RB (Seahawks)

Luke Sawhook (@lukesawhook)- FanSided

Source: Twitter

Previous Pick: 1.08

Finding Walker at the 1.06 seems like a clear-cut BPA (Best Player Available) on my board. With Pickett going early, I’m thrilled to grab a talented RB that landed in a favorable situation in Seattle.






1.07 Jameson Williams, WR (Alabama)

AJ Passman (@ajpassman)- QB List

Source: Twitter

Previous Pick: 1.07

I picked Williams in the first mock draft, and I’m sticking with him. Williams has arguably the highest ceiling of any receiver, nay, player, in this fantasy draft. Now, he has the draft capital to go with it. The Detroit Lions traded up to get Williams at Pick 12, which is a clear signal for the role they envision him playing for them. The Lions’ offensive questions and Williams’ ACL recovery might delay the breakout, but I’m drafting for a player’s career, not a season.


1.08 Skyy Moore, WR (Chiefs)

Ryan Heath (@QBLRyan)- QB List

Source: TwitterPrevious Pick: 2.04 

The case for Skyy over Olave is mostly about the ceiling. Skyy brings an amazing production profile (though at a small school) and amazing after-the-catch ability. Olave is a great route runner that tends to fall down after the catch, profiling as more of a WR2 in the NFL. This is not situation-first analysis; Skyy’s prospect profile had him clearly in the same tier as Olave and Williams for me even pre-draft.

1.09 Chris Olave, WR (Saints)

Ryan McDowell (@RyanMc23)- Dynasty League Football

Source: Twitter Chris Olave


Previous Pick: 1.03 

Editor’s Note: Olave’s drop here is more a result of other risers. Given the wide range of outcomes, he could just as easily be the first receiver off the board. Time will tell.





1.10 Christian Watson, WR (Packers)

Drew DeLuca (@DrewDeLaware)- QB List

Source: Twitter Christian WatsonPrevious Pick: 1.10 

Christian Watson, the top receiver remaining on my board, has the clearest, most unencumbered path to fantasy production of any remaining player. He runs like a gazelle and has the strength to bully opposing defensive backs. Oh, and he happens to be the same player I took at 1.10 in the pre-draft mock, so I’m sticking to my guns and taking the guy who walks in the door as the player most likely to emerge as Aaron Rodgers’ WR1.





1.11 Desmond Ridder, QB (Falcons)

Dustin Ludke (@theDunit13)- QB List

Source: Twitter Isaiah SpillerPrevious Pick: 2.05 

I’m not loving this spot in the draft, but I don’t think Ridder or Willis falls to me in the 2nd round. I’m at a point where I’m on to Tier 2 players at all positions. Since it’s Superflex, I’ll take Ridder, who I believe has the quicker path to starting over Willis. I thought about George Pickens, but the behavior issues scare me off. I’m going to rely on the idea that drafting 11th means I have a good imaginary team and made it to the championship last year.




1.12 Jahan Dotson, WR (Commanders) 

Alex Korff (@PeakedInHS_FF)- The Athletic

Source: Twitter

Previous Pick: 2.01 

It gets really hard to pick after like 1.08 this year. But I am pretty happy to end up with Dotson here. He is the top of my Tier 3 players this year, a round-1 WR, and in a decent situation. Maybe my favorite player to drop to the 12th pick.





Round 2


2.01 George Pickens, WR (Steelers)

Erik Smith (@eriksmithQBL)- QB List

Previous Pick: 1.09 

Pickens’ talent is too great to pass up here, though I was tempted by the running backs that were still on the board. But with Chase Claypool the only notable Steelers’ WR under contract after this season, Pickens has a shot to ascend the depth chart quickly if he flashes in his rookie season. Let’s trust Pittsburgh’s track record with drafting receivers and jump on Pickens in the second round of rookie drafts.


2.02 James Cook, RB (Bills)

Kyle Borgognoni (@kyle_borg)- The Fantasy Footballers

Previous Pick: 3.01 

Cook had perhaps one of the largest jumps on dynasty draft boards given his landing spot and draft capital. Devin Singletary is in a contract year and Cook should immediately see a third-down role as a rookie. Finding him in the 2nd round while knowing there is upside in 2023 and beyond with Josh Allen is quite awesome.


2.03 Rachaad White, RB (Buccaneers)

Mike Miklius (@SIRL0INofBEEF)- QB List

Previous Pick: 3.02 

Rachaad White isn’t my favorite talent in the draft, but he is athletic, fast, and a good pass-catcher. Give me a fast, pass-catching running back in a Tom Brady offense and I’ll be just fine. White will have a chance to create a role for himself and I love his potential in any league format. I’d love to draft White, wait for good news from training camp–or a big preseason outing–and then move him once the hype train leaves the station.


2.04 Malik Willis, QB (Titans)

Marc Salazar (@oldsnake77)- QB List

Previous Pick: 1.01 

Draft capital really dropped Willis down the board. There are still a handful of non-QBs that I am looking at but I am taking the dice roll at QB, who could get on the field sooner than we think.


2.05 David Bell, QB (Browns)

Jack Miller (@JackMiller02)- Establish the Run

Previous Pick: 2.08 

Bell was highly productive at Purdue and lands in a spot with a clear path to Year 1 opportunity. Only Amari Cooper and Donovan Peoples-Jones are ahead of Bell on the depth chart right now, and there’s a fair shot Bell could overtake the latter given his strong production profile.


2.06 John Metchie, WR (Texans)

Luke Sawhook (@lukesawhook)- FanSided

Previous Pick: 2.11

Editor’s Note: Metchie feels like 0ne of the safer pick here. There’s little doubt he’ll have a long career in the NFL. His fantasy ceiling is more of a question, but he should be a reliable WR3 as a possession receiver.


2.07 Dameon Pierce, RB (Texans)

AJ Passman (@ajpassman)- QB List

Previous Pick: 2.07 

Did I jump a whole round to get fourth-rounder Dameon Pierce? Hear me out: RB draft capital is down across the board, so I’m not too worried that Pierce wasn’t a Day 2 pick. Second, we know the Jets traded up for Breece Hall because they believed the Texans were going to grab him. Houston was clearly looking to the draft for an answer at RB, so Pierce should have an opportunity to earn playing time in year 1. A true three-down back doesn’t often exist these days, but Pierce has the body type for a heavy workload. Finally, ambiguous backfields are an excellent bet for a mid-2nd pick.


2.08 Wan’Dale Robinson, WR (Giants)

Ryan Heath (@QBLRyan)- QB List

Previous Pick: 3.09 If Wan’Dale were two inches taller, he would be a consensus first-round selection in rookie drafts right now. While we don’t have many examples of receivers of his stature succeeding in the NFL, we also don’t have many examples of receivers as dominant as he was starting so early in his college career while playing in the SEC. There is obvious risk to his profile, but a second-round rookie pick should be used to take big swings.


2.09 Jalen Tolbert, WR (Cowboys)

Ryan McDowell (@RyanMc23)- Dynasty League Football

Previous Pick: 2.09

Editor’s Note: The departures of Amari Cooper and Cedrick Wilson theoretically open up opportunities in Dallas. Tolbert is down in the pecking order for targets, but he could represent a good value pick here if he can earn consistent playing time. The Dallas offense might have the biggest gap between perception and production in fantasy.



2.10 Matt Corral, QB (Panthers) 

Drew DeLuca (@DrewDeLaware)- QB List

Previous Pick: 1.12 

The bad news: Bell and Wan’Dale are off the board. The good news: Matt Corral is still hanging around, and only Sam Darnold stands between him and a starting QB gig. Corral is shifty in the pocket with one of the quickest releases of any QB in this class, which makes him well-suited to play behind one of the league’s more questionable offensive lines. It doesn’t hurt to have D.J. Moore and Christian McCaffrey in the fold for a young QB, should he ascend to the starting role. Overall, I’m thrilled to land the Mississippi product here in the late 2nd. More than worth the gamble in a SuperFlex format.


2.11 Brian Robinson Jr., WR (Commanders)

Dustin Ludke (@theDunit13)- QB List

Previous Pick: 2.03

My hope is that all the Ron Rivera talk of Antonio Gibson and Brian Robinson Jr. being the next Jonathan Steward/DeAngelo Williams comes true. My issue is there that neither Gibson nor Robinson are as big as Stewart. I never hope for an injury, but Gibson has some history there. He only missed one game last season but sat for three in 2020.


2.12 Trey McBride, TE (Cardinals)

Alex Korff (@PeakedInHS_FF)- The Athletic

Previous Pick: 2.07 

McBride was my (and everyone’s) favorite TE coming out this year. The WR, RB, and QB values were gone by pick 24. I am ecstatic to grab McBride here. I am digging the 12-spot a little right now.



Round 3


3.01 Alec Pierce, WR (Colts)

Erik Smith (@eriksmithQBL)- QB List

Previous Pick: 3.03 

Many rosters would benefit by taking a running back flier here, and there are some good choices remaining. But for the purposes of a mock draft, Pierce is the last of a tier of receivers, and his second-round draft capital should not be ignored. This passing game has plenty of targets available to be earned, and Matt Ryan will be starting from scratch with the whole group. Pierce has the size and athleticism to play in the league, and he may find himself the deep option in this passing game from the jump.


3.02 Isaiah Spiller, RB (Chargers)

Kyle Borgognoni (@kyle_borg)- The Fantasy Footballers

Previous Pick: 1.11

Spiller tumbled from a 1st rounder in our pre-draft mock to sitting on the board in the early 3rd. I don’t blame anyone because going 123rd is not encouraging at all. Yes, he’s firmly behind Austin Ekeler but he should be able to beat out the dubious duo of Joshua Kelley & Larry Rountree III. He has the all-around skill set to be a contributor on a great offense.


3.03 Zamir White, RB (Raiders) 

Mike Miklius (@SIRL0INofBEEF)- QB List

Previous Pick: 3.06 

Editor’s Note: The problem for Zamir White is that his body type doesn’t project to have a long, impactful career.  And he’s already had surgery for both ACLs. The upside here is that Las Vegas recently declined to pick up Josh Jacobs’ fifth-year option. If he defies the odds, White could be the steal of the draft.


3.04 Tyler Allgeier, RB (Falcons)

Marc Salazar (@oldsnake77)- QB List

Previous Pick: 3.05 

Allgeier lands in a good landing spot, where he could see at least a split of the touches in the backfield early.


3.05 Tyrion Davis-Price, RB (49ers)

Jack Miller (@JackMiller02)- Establish the Run

Previous Pick: Not selected 

I’m leaning on draft capital here, as the 49ers took Ty Davis-Price in Round 3, way earlier than expected. While taking 49ers RBs with earlier-than-expected draft capital isn’t bulletproof – see Williams, Joe – Davis-Price enters a picture-perfect situation for efficiency, and his draft capital indicates he should at least get a few touches here and there.


3.06 Justyn Ross, WR (Chiefs) 

Luke Sawhook (@lukesawhook)- FanSided

Previous Pick: 2.10 

High risk, high reward! What the 3rd round is all about. Why not?


3.07 Khalil Shakir, WR (Bills)

AJ Passman (@ajpassman)- QB List

Previous Pick: 3.08 

After being selected by the Bills in the 5th round, “Mr. Everything” stays in pretty much the same spot in this mock. Still, he’s tied to an elite QB in Josh Allen, and his versatility should allow him to challenge Jamison Crowder for playing time. Plus, the Bills did trade up to get him as their only WR taken in the draft. You love to see it.


3.08 Tyquan Thornton, WR (Patriots)

Ryan Heath (@QBLRyan)- QB List

Previous Pick: Not selected 

Not being particularly impressed with any of the running backs after Tyrion Davis-Price, I’m left with my default pick of whatever Day 2 receiver is still available in the third round. I wasn’t thrilled with Thornton’s selection as a Patriots fan, but his speed is unique in this receiver room and could lead to early playing time on the outside.


3.09 Jelani Woods, TE (Colts)

Ryan McDowell (@RyanMc23)- Dynasty League Football

Previous Pick: Not selected 

Editor’s Note: Sorry Mo Alie-Cox and/or Kylen Granson truthers: the Colts drafted Jelani Woods in the third round. There’s competition in Indy, but Woods is a unicorn (6’7″ with speed) and has an opportunity to emerge as Matt Ryan’s security blanket. Patience is the key with tight ends.


3.10 Keontay Ingram, RB (Cardinals)

Drew DeLuca (@DrewDeLaware)- QB List

Previous Pick: Not selected 

I was hoping Justyn Ross would fall here, but I’m happy to take a swing at Ingram at this stage of the draft. He’s an instant upgrade over Eno Benjamin, and with Chase Edmonds now in Miami, the USC product should see at least a handful of touches early in the season. James Connor hasn’t been the healthiest RB around over the last few years, so it’s not hard to envision a situation in which Ingram totes the rock as the primary ballcarrier in the Cardinals’ offense.


3.11 Sam Howell, QB (Commanders)

Dustin Ludke (@theDunit13)- QB List

Previous Pick: 2.06 

It’s Superflex, so I’ll take another QB in the 3rd. Some said Sam Howell was the most pro-ready QB in the draft. He has Carson Wentz ahead of him. That’s a 50/50 as to Howell starting in 2023. It is a very future-focused look. I probably won’t see any production from him until 2023, but, combined with Ridder, I could have secured 2 starting QBs from 2023 to 2033. That would allow me a lot more flexibility moving forward in trades and the drafts in years to come.


3.12 Romeo Doubs, WR (Packers)

Alex Korff (@PeakedInHS_FF)- The Athletic

Previous Pick: 3.12 

At the end of the 3rd round, I am all about high upside picks. I feel like Juliet right now. It is absolutely possible Romeo is the WR to own in GB. Not likely, but possible. Give me the chance for that in the 3rd.


Draft Summary  
Pick Player Position Team Change
Round 1
1.01 Breece Hall RB NYJ +1
1.02 Drake London WR ATL +3
1.03 Kenny Pickett QB PIT +11
1.04 Treylon Burks WR TEN 0
1.05 Garrett Wilson WR NYJ +1
1.06 Kenneth Walker III RB SEA +2
1.07 Jameson Williams WR DET 0
1.08 Skyy Moore WR KC +8
1.09 Chris Olave WR NO -6
1.10 Christian Watson WR GB 0
1.11 Desmond Ridder QB ATL +6
1.12 Jahan Dotson WR WFT +1
Round 2
2.01 George Pickens WR PIT -4
2.02 James Cook RB BUF +11
2.03 Rachaad White RB TB +11
2.04 Malik Willis QB TEN -15
2.05 David Bell WR CLE +3
2.06 John Metchie WR HOU +5
2.07 Dameon Pierce RB HOU +12
2.08 Wan’Dale Robinson WR NYG +13
2.09 Jalen Tolbert WR DAL 0
2.10 Matt Corral QB CAR -10
2.11 Brian Robinson Jr. RB WFT -8
2.12 Trey McBride TE ARI -5
Round 3
3.01 Alec Pierce WR IND +2
3.02 Isaiah Spiller RB LAC -15
3.03 Zamir White RB LV +3
3.04 Tyler Allgeier RB ATL +1
3.05 Tyrion Davis-Price RB SF -29
3.06 Justyn Ross WR KC -8
3.07 Khalil Shakir WR BUF +1
3.08 Tyquan Thornton WR NE -32
3.09 Jelani Woods TE IND -33
3.10 Keontay Ingram RB ARI -34
3.11 Sam Howell QB WFT -17
3.12 Romeo Doubs WR GB 0



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(Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire)

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