Ultimate 2021 Offensive-Minded NFL Coaches Catalog

Eli Grabanski drops the ultimate 2021 offensive-minded NFL coaches catalog containing previous usage tendencies of each active coach

Knowing NFL coaching tendencies can be a game-changer in your understanding of the game. Because of this, I decided to dedicate a ton of time this offseason to helping football fans better understand each coach’s tendencies through clear charts, lists, and statistics. This series will have charts on every active offensive-minded coach’s (OC/HC) utilization of the primary skill positions to help you gain a better understanding of their impact on the game. Let’s dive in.


Coaches Accounted For


Active Offensive-Minded NFL Coaches With OC/Head Coach Experience


Coaches Not Accounted For

Defensive-Minded Head Coaches


Defensive/Special Teams NFL Head Coaches Not Accounted For


Offensive Coordinators With No Previous Experience (OC/HC)


Active Offensive-Minded NFL Coaches With No Previous Experience As An OC/HC

(Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire)

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