What We Saw: Week 2

The What We Saw team recaps everything you missed from a crazy Week 2

Falcons @ Rams

Final Score: Rams 31, Falcons 27

Writer: Mario Adamo Jr (@marioadamojr on Twitter)


The first half went exactly as you expected it would, the Super Bowl champions facing a team in the middle of a rebuild. A get-right game for the champs after stumbling out of the gate in Week 1. On the first drive of the third quarter, the Rams went up 28-3, the tip-off that the game was about to get chaotic. The Falcons had two touchdown drives under four minutes a piece, then they returned a blocked punt for a touchdown. Before you knew it they were only down 6. The Falcons ultimately fell short in exorcising their demons, with Ramsey securing the goal-line interception to allow the Rams to milk the majority of the clock. The Falcons fell short on a failed Hail Mary attempt.


Atlanta Falcons




Marcus Mariota: 17/26, 196 Yards, 2 TD, 2 Int | 6 Carries, 16 Yards, 1 Fumble (Lost)


Marcus Mariota wasn’t quite super tonight, finishing with a modest stat line overall. He did have a star moment, an athletic recovery after slipping on 4th down to complete the pass and extend the drive. One pick wasn’t quite his fault, bouncing off Cordarelle Patterson’s one-handed catch attempt, and his TD throws looked solid. Some throws to Drake London were too high, which says a lot considering London is 6’4″.  Mariota’s fumble came at the end of the game when the three-man rush got to him on the final play of the game, the aforementioned Hail Mary attempt. He continues to have some value in two QB leagues, but should otherwise be avoided besides using him as bye week filler.



Running Back


Cordarrelle Patterson: 10 Carries, 41 Yards | 1 Targets, 0 Receptions, 0 Yards

Tyler Allgeier: 10 Carries, 30 Yards, 1 Fumble (Recovered)

Caleb Huntley: 1 Carry, 3 Yards


In Week 1 Tyler Allgeier was a healthy scratch allowing Cordarrelle Patterson to be the primary back for Atlanta uncontested. That wasn’t the case tonight with the two splitting carries 10 apiece. Patterson got the one target between the two, but in an attempt to catch it one-handed the ball was bobbled and picked off. The Falcons also showed off a couple of option plays that featured designed runs for Mariota. This is something to be aware of and is borderline worrisome for Patterson managers, it’s not just the CPatt show anymore. Overall I expect him to continue to get the most snaps and opportunities in that backfield, but it may be time to consider other options in your lineup.



Wide Receiver/Tight End


Drake London: 12 Targets, 8 Receptions, 86 Yards, TD

KhaDarel Hodge: 3 Targets, 2 Receptions, 57 Yards

Olamide Zaccheaus: 2 Targets, 2 Receptions, 21 Yards, TD

Kyle Pitts: 3 Targets, 2 Receptions, 19 Yards

Avery Williams: 1 Target, 1 Reception, 6 Yards

Parker Hesse: 1 Target, 1 Reception, 5 Yards

Bryan Edwards: 1 Target, 1 Reception, 2 Yards


Drake London clearly ate breakfast with Mariota all week. London was the number one option and it’s not close, getting 12 of Mariota’s 26 targets. London also secured the team’s two-point conversion late in the game to bring it within six. London is no doubt the pass catcher you want from this offense and a reliable one at that, London is the first player to have five receptions and 70 receiving yards in their first two rookie games since Stefon Diggs.



Olamide Zaccheaus caught his only targets, Mariota’s first pass and a late touchdown. Avery Williams, Parker Hesse, and Bryan Edwards each caught their only target. 



Then there’s Kyle Pitts. The number three tight end in pre-draft rankings had his second straight week of two receptions and 19 yards, though this game lacked the seven targets from Week 1. There are some things that won’t appear on the stats sheet. For instance, a 36-yard pass interference call against the Rams towards Pitts. Or the fumbled snap that bounced off a motioning Pitts. Luckily, it was ultimately recovered by the Falcons. This game had the two states I believe the Falcons will experience a lot this season, a close game and a blow-out. Pitts wasn’t impactful in either. He is a talented player, but he’s just not shining in ATL. If I’m a Pitts manager, I’m selling at the first sign of life, but I thought Swift and Hockenson would impact St. Brown this season, so what do I know?   


Los Angles Rams




Matthew Stafford: 27/36, 272 Yards, 3 TD, 2 INT


Matthew Stafford started the game with twelve straight completions before throwing his first incompletion, an interception. Overall he and the rest of the Rams’ offense looked much more comfortable than in Week 1, which acted as a preseason game in the sense it was the first time a lot of the Rams starters were taking the field. Not counting SNF or MNF, Stafford finished QB8. His elbow didn’t look at all concerning, so fantasy managers can breathe a sigh of relief. You can count on Stafford to continue to feed Kupp and as a result, keep putting up low-end QB1 numbers.



Running Back


Cam Akers: 15 Carries, 44 Yards | 3 Targets, 2 Receptions, 18 Yards

Darrell Henderson Jr.: 10 Carries, 47 Yards, TD

Brandon Powell: 1 Carry, -26 Yards | 1 Target, 1 Reception, 6 Yards


Who was the RB1 of this backfield?

Darrell Henderson Jr. got the first carry of the game for the Rams. Just four plays later, Cam Akers got a carry and followed it up with another on the Falcons’ 9-yard line. Akers was on the field to start the Rams’ second drive and tallied three opportunities (targets+rushes) to get the Rams down to the Falcons’ 11-yard line. Henderson came in for two straight runs including the touchdown. Akers got the only carry of the Rams’ third drive for an unremarkable three yards. Akers came out for the entire first drive of the third quarter tallying six opportunities for 19 yards. The sixth drive was a quick one, Akers getting one carry then Stafford throwing an interception. On the seventh drive, Henderson had three carries for 23 yards. Akers was back to get an opportunity in the eighth drive, tallying three rushes for 1 yard (Week 1 flashbacks intensify). On the ninth drive, Akers and Henderson each got a single carry for 4 yards and 2 yards respectively. The tenth and final drive featured a back and forth of Henderson, Akers, and Henderson before Brandon Powell ended the drive.

For those counting at home that’s four drives of only Akers, one drive of only Henderson, and four drives of splitting opportunities. Of course, not all drives are equal.  Both backs saw some goal-line opportunities, but Henderson was the only one to break the plane. Akers had three targets compared to Henderson’s zero. Henderson had better yards-per-carry. It’s clear both guys are going to be featured in this offense. This backfield had shades of Zeke/Pollard, Jones/Dillon, and Chubb/Hunt. Both guys get red zone work. Akers had more opportunities, but not enough where Henderson wouldn’t get a chance to score a touchdown. That’s without considering all the touchdowns that go to Kupp in this offense.

So who’s the back to roster in LA? As someone with shares of both across leagues, I worry this game is closer to their ceilings than their floors. The first half was very much a favorable game script and even with the Falcons coming back, the Rams were never losing at any point. I think either will get a touchdown but it won’t be reliable who it is. 90 yards across both of them feels like what the Rams want to do. If you start one consistently, I hope yours is the one to win the touchdown coin flip.



I know you’re looking at Brandon Powell’s stat-line and asking what happened. His one carry was the last play of the game for the Rams, where Powell ran backward 26 yards for a safety to eat up as much time as possible, leaving the Falcons with one offensive play to come back.


Wide Receiver/Tight End


Cooper Kupp: 14 Targets, 11 Receptions, 108 Yards, 2 TD, 1 Fumble (Lost)

Allen Robinson II: 5 Targets, 4 Receptions, 53 Yards, 1 TD

Ben Skowronek: 3 Targets, 2 Receptions, 16 Yards

Tyler Higbee: 9 Targets, 7 Receptions, 71 Yards


Cooper Kupp was all the way in the back of the cupboard to start this game. He had no targets in the entire first quarter but once Stafford started looking his way, Kupp was back to his usual self. Finishing with another monster performance, Kupp now has eight (8) straight games with a touchdown, extending the longest active streak in the NFL. The fumble lost almost allowed the Falcons to steal the game and was luckily bailed out by Ramsey being his All-Pro self and picking off Mariota on the goal-line.



How did Allen Robinson II look after his dreadful Week 1 performance? Much better. After bearly being targeted in the season opener, Stafford looked Robinson’s way on his first pass of the game, threading the needle through three defenders for a 15-yard gain. Robinson finished the day with a touchdown and had another nullified when a medical timeout was called before the snap. Ultimately, Robinson looked like the guy you drafted him to be. Throw out the first game of the season due to him missing the pre-season. I expect him to continue to be a viable WR2 going forward. Ben Skowronek had a couple of unnoteworthy catches on three targets.


Tyler Higbee was buzzing this week hauling in seven of his nine targets for 71 yards. Higbee was the second most targeted player on the team and was heartbreakingly stopped at the 1-yard line on the first drive for the Rams leaving a stinging sensation in fantasy managers.

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