What We Saw: Week 6

Jaylen Waddle feasted and Jonathan Taylor beasted

Chiefs @ Football Team

Final Score: Chiefs 31, Football Team 13

Writer: Joe Orlofski (@joeorlofski on Twitter)


The Chiefs started slowly in this one but turned on the jets in the second half to easily run by the Washington Football Team.  Patrick Mahomes struggled once again, but he was able to string enough drives together to come away with the win.

Taylor Heinicke continues to play well, although he didn’t have much help from his receivers.

The Chiefs come away with a much-needed victory.  Let’s take a look at some of the bigger fantasy performers in this one.


Washington Football Team




Taylor Heinicke: 24/39, 182 yards, TD, INT


Taylor Heinicke has been pretty solid for fantasy purposes in relief of Ryan Fitzpatrick.  His first pass was incomplete on the first drive.  He then targeted Terry McLaurin deep on third down but McLaurin took a bad angle and was unable to catch it.  Washington had to punt.

The second drive started with a lot of runs and short passes, although Heinicke threw a nice pass to J.D. McKissic that went over the defenders and fell right into McKissic’s hands.  He then found rookie Dyami Brown across the middle on a third-and-eight to extend the drive. Heinicke threw one deep to Brown in the endzone but the defender made a nice play and Washington kicked a field goal.

The third drive ended quickly, with only a short completion.  His third-down pass was hit at the line and Washington had to punt.

The fourth drive saw Heinicke driving the field with short throws to his Tight End and Terry McLaurin.  He managed to find McLaurin once more but it was short of the first down line, so Washington kicked another field goal.

On the next drive, Heinicke started with a pass over the middle to Chris Humphries, but it was just out of reach.

After the fumble by the Chiefs, Heinicke started with a short toss to Brown that went for five yards.  Heinicke then found McLaurin on the sideline for a first down.  Heinicke was bailed out by McKissic later in the drive-by taking a screen pass 16 yards for a first down.  The play before that was a good throw to McLaurin that he dropped.  Later in the drive, Heinicke found Ricky Seals-Jones wide open for a 39-yard touchdown.



It was a beautiful pass to a wide-open receiver.

Heinicke continued to find Seals-Jones throughout the game, connecting for another first down on their first drive of the second half.  After a few short passes that went nowhere, Washington went for another field goal, which was missed.

With the score 24-13, Heinicke had to start throwing a bit more.  He almost found McLaurin for another long gain but it fell incomplete.  Heinicke found Brown for 13 yards on the next play to extend the drive.  Heinicke made a nice play to avoid multiple sacks, although his pass was incomplete and they had to punt.

After the Chiefs made it 31-13, Heinicke came out and threw a pass that was intercepted, ending the game.



It was a great play by the defender.


Running Back


Antonio Gibson: 10 carries, 44 yards, Fumble | 3 targets, 2 receptions, 0 yards

J.D. McKissic: 8 carries, 45 yards | 10 targets, 8 receptions, 65 yards

Jaret Patterson: 1 carry, 5 yards | 1 target, 1 reception, -2 yards


Antonio Gibson got the start in this one after being questionable with a shin fracture.  His first carry went for a few yards.

The second drive started with a Gibson run that went for eight yards.  It was a nice jump cut to find a hole for a solid gain.  J.D. McKissic came in and immediately caught a pass for nine yards.  He then carried it for five yards and a first down.  McKissic continued to see targets and catches on the drive.

After the interception, Gibson got the next carry but was injured on the play. He went to the medical tent where they were checking out his right knee.

Thankfully, Gibson was on the field on the next drive, although he only saw one carry.

The next drive Gibson once again found room and scampered for 15 yards and a first down.  Unfortunately on the next carry, Gibson fumbled the ball away.



Gibson saw the next target in the game but was unable to haul it in. McKissic, however, continued to be a dynamic pass catcher, taking a short pass for a 16-yard first down.

McKissic was still in the game to finish out the half.

McKissic started the second half with a first down catch and run.  He got the next carry, but Gibson was in on the next play.  Gibson caught a screen pass for a short gain and then got a short carry.

Gibson once again got a short pass after the Tyreek Hill touchdown but lost five yards on the play.  McKissic then came in a caught a pass himself for 10-yards.  Heinicke was pressured on third-and-five and was unable to connect with his receiver, forcing a Washington punt.

After making it 24-13, Gibson’s day was done.  McKissic finished out the game and continued to find openings for nice gains.  Jaret Patterson saw his first action with a screen pass that went for a loss of two.

Keep an eye on Gibson this next week.  If he does miss time, McKissic will be a huge asset to any fantasy team.


Wide Receiver/Tight End


Terry McLaurin: 8 targets, 4 receptions, 28 yards

Ricky Seals-Jones: 6 targets, 4 receptions, 58 yards, TD

Dyami Brown: 6 targets, 3 receptions, 30 yards

John Bates: 1 target, 1 reception, 7 yards

Dax Milne: 1 target

DeAndre Carter: 1 target

Adam Humphries: 2 targets, 1 reception, -4 yards


Terry McLaurin got his first target on the first drive but was unable to haul it in.

Dyami Brown was the next receiver targeted, and he turned a short pass into a first down on the second drive.

On the third drive, Tight End Ricky Seals-Jones got his first catch of the game.  He has been solid in the stead of Logan Thomas.

McLaurin was targeted deep on the next drive but a little bit of contact prevented him from getting to the ball.  There was no flag on the play.

Chris Humphries saw his first target on the next drive, but it was slightly overthrown by Heinicke.

McLaurin continued getting short passes, including a nice catch along the sidelines to extend the drive.  Seals-Jones also caught a short pass that was called back for OPI. McLaurin had a chance for an easy 16 yard completion and a first down that he dropped.  Seals-Jones ended up with a long touchdown pass on the drive.

Seals-Jones continued seeing targets in the second half, but the rest of the team really struggled and saw no meaningful action.


Kansas City Chiefs




Patrick Mahomes: 32/47, 397 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT | 3 carries, 31 yards


Patrick Mahomes has had some struggles this season, but he started pretty solidly on the first drive.  He found his favorite two targets, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, on the first few passes of the drive.  Mahomes found Hill for 19 yards later in the drive to get into Washington territory.  He then found Jody Fortson for a 27-yard gain to put them on the five-yard line.

On the second drive, Mahomes found Mecole Hardman for 49-yards on a third-and-four.  Later in the drive, Mahomes threw a short pass to Tyreek Hill that bounced off his hands and went directly to a Washington defender.



This is the second time in two weeks that Hill has had one bounce off his hands that was then intercepted.

The third drive started with good field position after a good punt return, but Mahomes missed two throws and a short completion was not enough to get a first, so the Chiefs kicked a field goal.

On the next drive, Mahomes rushed for 17 yards and a first down after an incomplete pass to Jerrick McKinnon in which he was being chased by defenders.  The rest of the drive went downhill from there.  The pass rush kept getting to Mahomes and the Chiefs had to punt.

After the fumble by Antonio Gibson, the Chiefs started with a deep pass to Mecole Hardman that fell incomplete after he got tangled up with a defender.  The next play was a bad throw to Travis Kelce that had to force him to tackle the defender and it was called OPI.

After the Washington touchdown, Mahomes came out firing, finding Byron Pringle for a first down.  He then found Kelce twice in a row for first downs.  The Chiefs were driving until Mahomes made a massive mistake by trying to throw out of a sack and it was easily intercepted.



It was obvious that Washington was getting to Mahomes all game, but this one was a bad decision by Mahomes.

The third quarter started with Mahomes finding Travis Kelce and Demarcus Robinson for short gains.  The drive stalled out after a holding call and a sack that led to a second-and-23.  His next pass was tipped by a defender and Kansas City had to punt.

The next drive started with a lot of short passes to Hill and Williams.  It looked like the Chiefs made some adjustments to try and get the ball out earlier.  He then found Hill across the middle for another first down.  The next two passes were low and neither Kelce nor Hill could come up with them.  Thankfully for the Chiefs, Washington was offsides and they got another shot at third-and-five, which they converted with a short pass to Tyreek Hill.  Mahomes finally found Hill in the endzone to take the lead 17-13.

Mahomes found Hill once again on the next drive for a first down. He then hit Kelce for a short gain and a first down.  Mahomes scrambled on the next play for a four-yard gain and the third quarter ended.  Later on the drive Mahomes scrambled and shoveled it to Kelce at the last minute to get another first down.  A defensive holding call moved the ball to the four-yard line.

After the Washington punt, Mahomes slowly moved the ball downfield with passes to Hardman and Pringle that extended the drive.  He then found Hill across the middle for a 19-yard gain but a penalty erased the catch.  Hill still managed to get the first down, again, on the next play.  Mahomes hit Robinson and Kelce as well on this drive, then capped it off with a 24-yard touchdown to Robinson.



Running Back


Darrel Williams: 21 carries, 62 yards, 2 TD | 4 targets, 3 receptions, 27 yards

Jerick McKinnon: 3 carries, 10 yards | 4 targets, 1 reception, 5 yards


Darrel Williams got the start in this one with the injury to Clyde Edwards-Helaire.  His first carry went for seven yards.  He later carried on fourth-and-one and easily found a hole for a solid gain and a first down.  Williams was the one to punch it into the endzone on the first drive to give the Chiefs a 7-0 lead.



Williams got the early work on the second drive, carrying the ball twice for short gains.  Jerrick McKinnon entered the game and caught a pass to extend the drive near the end of the first quarter.

McKinnon continued to see carries and targets on the next drive midway through the second quarter, but he didn’t do much with it.

The third quarter started with Williams again after not really seeing much running.  Williams had a nice gain after a first down that was called back due to holding.

After the missed field goal, Williams took a screen pass for a nice first-down gain.  Williams also got a carry near the goal line but was unable to punch it in.

Williams got the first carry after the Washinton punt (around the two-minute mark of the third quarter) and took it 9-yards.  Williams took it in for his second touchdown of the game from the four-yard line.



Williams made a nice cutback that made it easy for him to get into the endzone.

Williams continued getting carries midway through the fourth quarter, although he didn’t get too much more yardage in this one.

Williams did finish out the game.


Wide Receiver/Tight End


Tyreek Hill:  12 targets, 9 receptions, 76 yards, TD

Travis Kelce: 11 targets, 8 receptions, 99 yards

Jody Fortson: 1 target, 1 reception, 27 yards

Mecole Hardman: 5 targets, 4 receptions, 62 yards, Fumble | 1 carry, 6 yards

Byron Pringle: 3 targets, 3 receptions, 55 yards

Demarcus Robinson: 6 targets, 3 receptions, 46 yards, TD


Tyreek Hill was another player who was questionable before this game but was deemed healthy enough to play.  He caught the first pass for a first down.  Travis Kelce saw the next target/catch and took it for another first down.  Jody Fortson, a relatively unknown Chiefs player, made a nice 27-yard catch to bring the ball to the five-yard line.

Mecole Hardman got his first target on the second drive, and it was a great catch that went for 49-yards.  Hill eventually had one bounce off his hands that should have easily been caught and it turned into an interception.  Hill did slip on the play, which may have thrown off his timing.

Demarcus Robinson had his first target on the third drive but was unable to haul in the throw.  Byron Pringle also had his first catch on the drive but it was for a short gain.

Kelce struggled at the beginning of this game, including a necessary OPI.  The play after that was a jet sweep by Mecole Hardman that he ended up fumbling away.



After the Washington touchdown, Pringle and Kelce went back to back with first-down catches.  Kelce then followed his first down with another first down catch.  Tyreek Hill was not on the field on this drive.

Hill stayed in the locker room to start the third quarter due to a quad injury, but Kelce was starting to pick up the slack by catching another first-down pass.  Robinson also got a catch on the drive.

Hill did see the field midway through the third quarter, as did Josh Gordon.  Gordon failed to see any targets in this one and appears to be still trying to learn the offense.  Hill must have felt much better after the half, because he started to get a ton of work.  Hill made multiple catches on this drive, including a short touchdown pass.



Hill continued to get work on the next drive, breaking a tackle to almost get a first down.  The next pass also went to him, but the defender stopped him behind the line.

After Washington punted again, Kelce went to the sidelines with a hand injury, although he continued to play through it.  Pringle, Hardman, Robinson, and Hill all got catches as the Chiefs moved down the field slowly and methodically.  Robinson beat his man for a 24-yard touchdown to extend the lead to 31-13.


— Joe Orlofski (@joeorlofski on Twitter)

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