Mike Oropallo

Scientist by day, sports fanatic by night. My goal is to use advanced analytics to better understand the sport and get an edge in fantasy.

Going Deep: WR Usage Through Week 5

This week Mike Oropallo uses advanced metrics to examines WR usage and potential value through week 5.

Going Deep: Tight End Values Through Week 4

Mike Oropallo models TE usage through week 4 to uncover potential value heading into week 5

Going Deep: Making Sense of Week 1 Tight End Performances

Mike Oropallo examines TE usage in week 1 to help predict which players will have continued success over the rest of the season.

Going Deep: Contrarian Strategies to Give You an Edge in 2018

Mike Oropallo discusses advanced fantasy strategy for 2018 and why you shouldn't ignore the QB position in early rounds.