What We Saw: Week 4

QB List staff catches you up on everything you missed during Week 4 of the 2020 NFL season.

Bills @ Raiders


Josh Allen avoided a significant injury to his non-throwing shoulder as the Buffalo Bills rode to a victory once again on the back of their young star QB. Jason Witten vultured his first TD as a member of the Raiders on a defensive breakdown where he went uncovered. Stefon Diggs continued his hot streak and posted over 100 yards for the second time this season, while Darren Waller came just shy of 100 yards but was targeted 12 times. Buffalo won the game, 30-23.


Buffalo Bills




Josh Allen: 24/34, 288 yards, 2 TD | 3 carries, 1 yard, 1 TD



It really feels like the Josh Allen breakout is legit. He was throwing dimes all night and his deep ball to Stefon Diggs helped push the Buffalo Bills towards the goal line at the end of the game. Not even an injury to his non-throwing shoulder could stop him! I noticed in the 1st quarter he wasn’t afraid to move the ball around, as he had seven different targets in the first quarter. While Diggs would end up becoming his favorite target, Allen had lots of time to survey his options and make the best pass possible thanks to his O-Line. To no one’s surprise, he got a red-zone attempt and was able to convert, making it his 20th career rushing touchdown in just his 31st game. The one major mistake I saw him make was getting sacked for a loss of 14-yards in the 4th quarter, taking the Bills out of field-goal range. He held onto the ball WAY too long but all-in-all, it wasn’t the worst mistake we’ve seen him make.



Running Backs


Devin Singletary: 18 carries, 55 yards, 1 TD | 6 targets, 5 receptions, 21 yards


Devin Singletary was expected to have a massive workload with Zack Moss out, and he was the only running back getting work for the Buffalo Bills (Taiwan Jones had one carry). He was able to score a touchdown but honestly, a pretty disappointing game from him. He got work in the passing game as the 2nd most targeted player, being used as a check-down option along with Cole Beasley. Coming into tonight the Las Vegas Raiders were 28th in run-defense according to Pro Football Focus and you would like to see more than 3 YPC for Singletary, who was supposed to take advantage while Moss was out.  Moss should be back next week and we’ll have to see if he’s going to get the end-zone work.



Wide Receivers/Tight Ends


Stefon Diggs: 7 targets, 6 receptions, 115 yards

John Brown: 5 targets, 4 receptions, 42 yards

Gabriel Davis: 1 target, 1 reception, 26 yards, TD

Cole Beasley: 4 targets, 3 receptions, 32 yards, TD

Dawson Knox: 3 targets, 2 receptions, 16 yards

Tyler Kroft: 3 targets, 1 reception, 12 yards


This is Stefon Diggs’ world and we’re all experiencing it. Josh Allen wasn’t afraid to throw it to Diggs in whatever position and Diggs is showing that he is a legitimate top-10 wide-receiver option. In the 4th he ran a fantastic route, baiting the corner left then slicing towards the middle and catching a perfect Allen pass while contested. The only thing he was missing from this game was a touchdown but you cannot complain. He’s the first Buffalo Bill in 16 years to have two 100-yard games in his first four games.

John Brown was arguably robbed of a touchdown and otherwise had a fairly quiet night. A 14.7% target-share percentage is going to be hard to rely on week-to-week and he might be more of a boom-or-bust option. Gabriel Davis is someone I’m keeping my eye on. The rookie had an early touchdown catch that was a beautiful throw by Josh Allen. Davis was WIDE OPEN thanks to a clever-scheme in which the Bills took advantage of Oakland Raiders rookie cornerback Amik Robertson. Robertson had just come in as a replacement and he allowed Davis to make easy separation and get wide-open. After four catches last game he only had one this game but made it count. I also noticed Davis out-snapped Cole Beasley and was on the field in the 4th, while Beasley was not.



Cole Beasley had a quiet game, only being on the field for 30% of the snaps but ended up with four targets and a touchdown. His touchdown catch was very nice, as he caught the ball and was flipped on his head while still holding onto the ball.

The tight ends didn’t do much. Dawson Knox was about 3 yards away from a touchdown but couldn’t make it to the end zone. Both he and Tyler Kroft don’t have much appeal with both being used in the passing/blocking game.


Las Vegas Raiders




Derek Carr: 32/44, 311 yards, 2 TD | 4 carries, 20 yards


To a lesser extent than Josh Allen, Derek Carr is also looking like a much-improved quarterback this year. He doesn’t have an interception yet so far (although he had a throw in the 1st quarter that was nearly intercepted) and has been playing to his strengths, keeping most of the passes short but not being afraid to air it out. His one big issue has been fumbles, as he fumbled six times in four games, including three of them in the 4th quarter. He had an awful fumble in the 4th today, essentially sealing the deal for a Buffalo Bills win. With his wide-receiving corps being decimated with injury, I’m impressed by how well he worked with what he had.


Running Backs


Josh Jacobs: 15 carries, 48 yards | 4 targets, 3 receptions, 25 yards

Theo Riddick: 2 carries, 15 yards

Jalen Richard: 1 carry, 6 yards | 4 targets, 2 receptions, 10 yards


What a disappointing game for Josh Jacobs and the Las Vegas Raiders running game. Coming into the game, the Buffalo Bills ranked 3rd worst-graded in the NFL against the run according to PFF.  Jacobs couldn’t get anything going and early in the 4th was shown grimacing and limping around. One of his biggest knocks coming into the year (and out of college) was his future workload questions. After week 1 everyone thought he could handle it but this is three disappointing games in a row. It was nice to see him get four targets but I also noticed he came off on a few 3rd downs for Jalen Richard. Along with Richard, Theo Reddick and fullback Alec Ingold also saw work. They didn’t do much, but quite annoying the Raiders continue to roll out so many backs. Jacobs had some penalties negate some work, including a nice run that ended thanks to a lowering-the-head call that Jerrick McKinnon wasn’t called for later in the evening. Don’t move Jacobs because of this bad stretch; he’s going to go off a la Joe Mixon soon.



Wide Receivers/Tight Ends


Hunter Renfrow: 8 targets, 5 receptions, 57 yards

Zay Jones: 6 targets, 4 receptions, 32 yards

Nelson Agholor: 4 targets, 4 receptions, 44 yards, 1 TD

Darren Waller: 12 targets, 9 receptions, 88 yards

Jason Witten: 2 targets, 2 receptions, 18 yards, 1 TD


Hunter Renfrow was somewhat quiet for what many had predicted. He was expected to get fed with Henry Ruggs and Bryan Edwards both out but only ended up with a 19% target share. He had an excellent 34-yard catch in the middle of the 4th that showed his athletic ability, leaping upon a defender to snag it. Not soon after though he would have a bad punt-return fumble, having the ball knocked out of his hands and thankfully back into Raiders possession. I still believe in the talent and if the WR group isn’t healthy next week, I would start him next week against the Kansas City Chiefs. Zay Jones ended up being the 3rd guy for The Raiders with six targets. Jones had the revenge game and was seen at times mouthing off to Buffalo players but was held mostly quiet to just 32 yards.



Nelson Agholor really should have had two touchdowns, as he had a long 49-yard touchdown catch called back because of penalty. He was also targeted deep again by Derek Carr later on but that was also called back on a penalty. With all the injuries he seems to be a good boom-or-bust option but it was nice to see him get work in the short game as well.



Ugh. THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DARREN WALLER‘S TOUCHDOWN. Ol’ freakin Jason Witten would end up with the touchdown but wasn’t a factor. Waller, on the other hand, had a very strong game. He had 12 targets and in PPR was pretty good. Non-PPR? Ehhhh. He did have two incomplete passes that should have been caught by him and a fumble that swayed the game in the Buffalo Bills favor. Only one touchdown so far this season is bringing his overall points down, as he’s got an almost 30% target share in the NFL after four games. Pretty freakin’ good.


-Jamie Sayer. You can follow me on Twitter @JamieSayerPL! Feel free to ask me anything football related, as I can’t get enough.


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