Block Stock: O-lines That Should Struggle And Dominate In Week 10

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A quick reminder that the focus of this column is to show the impact of offensive line play on your fantasy players. If you ever have any questions about specific players as it relates to how their team’s offensive line will fare in a game and I didn’t cover them in this column please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter. @SethFriederman

Offensive Lines That Should Dominate

Los Angeles Rams (vs Texans) – The Rams are near the top in every offensive category.  Andrew Whitworth, Rodger Saffold, John SullivanJamon Brown, and Rob Havenstein have been an outstanding overall unit this season. They are called on to run block much more than pass block as the Rams pass the ball around 30 times a game which is in the bottom five league-wide. Even there though they are giving Jared Goff ample time to take shots downfield. The Texans are staring at the remains of a once-promising season and with all of their injuries, I believe the Rams will steamroll them with Todd Gurley and then use play action to take shots downfield. Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp could pay dividends in your line up and Sammy Watkins is in play as a dart throw.  

Sink or Swim: Week 10

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Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers):

You can hold on to the “Ben on the road” narrative, but he and the Steelers offense were really starting to pick up before the bye, and I expect them to come out firing in this easy match up. This Colts defense is in shambles per usual, and won’t be able to contain all of the Steelers weapons on Sunday.

Weekly Rankings: Ranking Each IDP Position For Week 10

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Welcome to QB List’s weekly rankings! Each week, I’ll be taking a look at the upcoming match-ups and ranking each IDP position. Here are the ranks for Week 10 of the fantasy football season.

Week 9 Notes:

  • This week we have a handful of positive home stat crew matchups. You should expect big scoring numbers from IDP players in these games. Break any ties you are considering if you have players going in these. games: New York Jets at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints at Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans at Los Angeles Rams and New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers. 

Weekly Rankings: Ranking Each Position For Week 10

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Welcome to QB List’s weekly rankings! Each week, I’ll be taking a look at the upcoming matchups and ranking each position, as well as flex positions.

Note: rankings will be updated throughout the week, so continue checking back here as the week goes on. Also, check out our defensive rankings article for explanations on those, and our Kickin’ It article for explanations on the kicker rankings.

Week 10 Notes:

  • Time for your weekly Ezekiel Elliott note: I’m assuming Zeke plays this week, but obviously that’s no guarantee. If he doesn’t play, consider Alfred Morris an RB2. EDIT: Looks like Zeke isn’t playing at least this week, though the court ruling is going to be appealed, so we’ll see what happens ROS. Ranks have been updated.

What I Saw: Thoughts on Week 9 (Part Un)

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Hello, my name is Sam and I watch every game every week together with my colleague Derek Frei. Here are my thoughts on some of those games. Just ctrl+f for a particular player or team you may be interested in, and remember that this should just be one of many tools you use to help make decisions. Feel free to let me know about needed corrections or simply post your reactions- we love to hear from our readers!

Bills Vs Jets

QB: Whoo boy, what a game. The Jets started off pretty run-heavy, but Josh McCown really took control of the game and lead the Jets to victory. McCown was rushing all over when receivers couldn’t get open, converting a 3rd down in the first quarter and then rushing for a touchdown on the same drive. McCown did have a near interception in the first quarter, but luckily for him, the Bills secondary decided not to play well Thursday night. McCown is definitely worth an add for bye-week fill-ins and injury relief- I for sure like him over Jameis Winston, Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, and possibly even Matt Stafford.

Kickin It: The Top 14 Kickers For Week 10

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Ok. No time for recapping last week. Just kidding, it was great. But now it’s time to get down to the important stuff. Just a reminder we’ve got three levels of kickers, FG’s, Touchbackers and Squibs. Anyone not listed is someone you should avoid.


  1. Greg Zuerlein, Los Angeles Rams (vs. Houston Texans). Ok yes, People are literally talking about the Giants quit last week in their game vs. the Rams, but this offense is legit. So legit, that they do not quit, unlike the Giants and so legit that Zuerlein is the highest scoring kicker this year at 12.4 points per game. That’s great for a kicker.

Streaming Defenses: Top 16 Defensive Plays for Week 10

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Throughout the year, we will be providing our take on the top 16 defenses each and every week, based on matchup, injuries, and recent performance. They will fall into the following tiers:

DOMINANT – I don’t believe that there are any true “set-and-forget” options at the defensive position, as there are scarcely ANY such players at any position in the NFL. However, these groups are as close as you’re going to get. They can be started with supreme confidence most weeks and will just require the odd benching to avoid Foxboro or Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood as I’ve conveniently renamed the whole of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Update: Mr. Hundley’s Hometown?

DISTINGUISHED – This is the high-end streamer tier. They will probably be added and dropped multiple times throughout the course of the season, getting the green light for plus matchups and benched at the first sight of danger. Some lunkhead in your league following the three defense strategy may even draft one or two of these units, but most will likely be available on the wire to start the year. Careful, intelligent management and usage of options in this tier will yield positive results more often than not. There will likely be a few breakouts in the upper half of this group, and this is the tier I’d be looking to draft my defense from.

DEFENSIBLE – Defensible, get it? You could certainly pick a starter from this tier, preferably against a weaker offense at home but these squads are by no means a safe bet. Cover your eyes, hold your nose, and maybe even get out of the house. Do your blood pressure a favor and just check the score after the game. Go take in that indie film you’ve been wanting to see!

DESPERATE – These are the teams you could probably throw on some pads and score against. The dregs of the league reside in this tier. These teams should be started in only the most extreme circumstances (you lost a bet, you hate yourself, you are playing in a bizarre league that rewards awful defensive play) but for the most part will be available on the wire all year long, and for good reason. Below are our ranks for week 10 of the 2017 NFL season – Get excited!


1.) Pittsburgh Steelers (@ Indianapolis Colts)- The Steel City takes the top spot coming off their bye, going up against the Indianapolis Colts- the same Ponies who will now officially be rolling with Jacoby Brissett the rest of the way following the news of Andrew Luck‘s disappointing shutdown. Perhaps emboldened by learning the job was finally and truly his, Brissett played his butt off and had a legitimately good game this past weekend. However, he was going against a compromised Texans defense that was also undeniably deflated after having wunderkind QB Deshaun Watson unfairly stolen from them. Give credit where it’s due, but Brissett’s recent QB8 (pre-MNF) finish looks like an aberration- it was his first time all season clearing 300 yards and throwing multiple TDs. The Colts O remains one to pick on, and the Steelers will be up to the task.

Injuries to Watch: Key DE Stephon Tuitt has been dealing with nagging injuries all year and missed the Steeler’s last game but has a good chance to get back out there following the bye.

Waiver Wire: Week 10

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NOTE: Players mentioned will be owned in 40% or less of ESPN leagues. MUST ADD will be a recommended add in all leagues. MAYBE ADD is for those in 12 team leagues or deeper. DEEP ADD is for those in 14+ team leagues. 


Josh McCown (New York Jets) – 35.9% OWNED – MAYBE ADD

The 9th ranked fantasy QB at the moment, McCown is well worth a look this week in a favorable match up against the Buccaneers bottom of the barrel defense/secondary. You can also argue that he is playable against the Panthers the week after and he definitely is at home in week 13 when the Chiefs visit.

Overall 250 ROS Rankings: Week 8

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Welcome to our weekly set of rankings of our top-250 overall players for the rest of the season. I should note that I’m not personally a big fan of massive, position-combining lists and I think positional lists are more useful, however, take this and use it in whatever way you wish. Thanks to this widget from FantasyPros, you can break it down by position as well.


  • Alright, we’ll start off with the major injuries. Obviously, DeShaun WatsonPierre Garcon, and Zach Miller have all fallen off this list, as they’ll be out the rest of the season. In keeper leagues, I’d probably still hang onto Watson (depending on how your keeper rules are set up), but in every other league, obviously you’re dropping these guys.

Block Stock: Week 9 O-lines That Should Struggle And Dominate In Week Nine

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O-Lines That Should Dominate

New Orleans Saints (vs Tampa Bay) – Something’s brewing in the Big Easy. New Orleans has the look of a special team. The offense is clicking the defense is kicking butt and they’re playing with sky-high confidence right now. Andrus Peat, Max Unger, Larry Warford, and Ryan Ramczyk are providing both outstanding protection for Drew Brees, and big holes for Mark Ingram. Add in a great blocking TE like Josh Hill and the added dimension that Alvin Kamara brings and this unit is a nightmare. I know it seems like I pick on Tampa’s D every week but they just stay bad and face good teams over and over. I’d start every Saint I had on my roster except Colby Fleener, because he can’t catch.