Weekly Rankings: Ranking Each Position For Week 15

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Welcome to QB List’s weekly rankings! Each week, I’ll be taking a look at the upcoming matchups and ranking each position, as well as flex positions.

Week 15 Notes:

  • We’ve seen Nick Foles be successful in the NFL before, and fortunately, he has weapons on the Eagles now, so if you’re hurting for a Carson Wentz fill-in, Foles is worth a consideration if a better option isn’t out there.

Weekly Rankings: Ranking Each IDP Position For Week 15

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Welcome to QB List’s weekly rankings! Each week, I’ll be taking a look at the upcoming match-ups and ranking each IDP position. Here are the ranks for Week 15 of the fantasy football season.

Week 15 Notes:

  • If you are reading this, it probably means you’ve moved on in the next round of the fantasy playoffs. So I say congratulations and, again, good luck this week. We are going to focus on match-ups this week but remember, barring injury, stick with what got you here and make informed decisions on the one to two matchups that might be exploited.

Streaming Defenses: Top 16 Defensive Plays for Week 15

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Throughout the year, we will be providing our take on the top 16 defenses each and every week, based on matchup, injuries, and recent performance. They will fall into the following tiers:

DOMINANT – I don’t believe that there are any true “set-and-forget” options at the defensive position, as there are scarcely ANY such players at any position in the NFL. However, these groups are as close as you’re going to get. They can be started with supreme confidence most weeks and will just require the odd benching to avoid Foxboro or Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood as I’ve conveniently renamed the whole of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Update: Mr. Hundley’s Hometown?

DISTINGUISHED – This is the high-end streamer tier. They will probably be added and dropped multiple times throughout the course of the season, getting the green light for plus matchups and benched at the first sight of danger. Some lunkhead in your league following the three defense strategy may even draft one or two of these units, but most will likely be available on the wire to start the year. Careful, intelligent management and usage of options in this tier will yield positive results more often than not. There will likely be a few breakouts in the upper half of this group, and this is the tier I’d be looking to draft my defense from.

DEFENSIBLE – Defensible, get it? You could certainly pick a starter from this tier, preferably against a weaker offense at home but these squads are by no means a safe bet. Cover your eyes, hold your nose, and maybe even get out of the house. Do your blood pressure a favor and just check the score after the game. Go take in that indie film you’ve been wanting to see!

DESPERATE – These are the teams you could probably throw on some pads and score against. The dregs of the league reside in this tier. These teams should be started in only the most extreme circumstances (you lost a bet, you hate yourself, you are playing in a bizarre league that rewards awful defensive play) but for the most part will be available on the wire all year long, and for good reason. Below are our ranks for week 15 of the 2017 NFL season – Get excited!


1.) Jacksonville Jaguars (vs. Houston Texans)- Jacksonville held pretty tough in a signature win over the Seahawks, giving up a fair amount of points but also completing the rare feat of picking off Russell Wilson three times. The bad news for this week is that they won’t be matched up against Tom Savage, who will be sitting out after receiving an absolutely vicious concussion. We wish him a quick recovery. The good news? They’ll get TJ Yates, another very exploitable QB matchup. Fire them back up as the elite option they’ve been all year.

Injuries to Watch: No injuries to report.

Kickin’ It: The Top 14 Kickers For Week 15

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Ok, lets put our cards on the table here. For the vast majority of you guys, it’s playoff time. These are the times where champions are crowned. The times where memories that last a lifetime are made and friendships are irreparably broken. So don’t gloss over the kicker here. He could be the difference between an offseason of misery and immortality.

Anyways, it’s time to get down to the important stuff. Just a reminder for all you still in contention for your fantasy playoffs, we’ve got three levels of kickers, FG’s, Touchbackers and Squibs. Anyone not listed is someone you should avoid.


1Wil Lutz, New Orleans Saints (Vs. New York Jets) The Jets are officially dunzo. Bryce Petty is slated to start for them and, well, the offense isn’t going to do their D any favors. On the other side of it, you have The Saints are in the midst of a playoff push in probably the tightest division in the NFL. He should have a monster day this upcoming Sunday.

Waiver Wire: Week 15

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NOTE: Players mentioned will be owned in 40% or less of ESPN leagues. MUST ADD will be a recommended add in all leagues. MAYBE ADD is for those in 12 team leagues or deeper. DEEP ADD is for those in 14+ team leagues. 


Jimmy Garoppolo (San Francisco 49ers) – 23.6% OWNED – MAYBE ADD

Now 2-0 on the year (4-0 in his career), Jimmy G is showing the 49ers that he can be the long-term answer at the QB position for the franchise. Working with limited weapons and a shoddy offensive line, he managed to put up 334 yards through the air and tossed his second TD of the season. He is definitely on the radar this week against the Titans, but should still probably be faded in week 16 against Jacksonville.

Overall 250 ROS Rankings: Week 13

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Welcome to our weekly set of rankings of our top-250 overall players for the rest of the season. I should note that I’m not personally a big fan of massive, position-combining lists and I think positional lists are more useful, however, take this and use it in whatever way you wish. Thanks to this widget from FantasyPros, you can break it down by position as well.


  • The injury to Joe Mixon has caused him to dip a bit in the rankings. He’s out for this week and hopefully that’ll be it, but as of now, it’s fairly uncertain. Once he does come back though, he’ll be bumped back up as a solid RB2.

What I Saw: Thoughts On Every Game, Week 12

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My name is Sam Turrubiartes and I try to watch every game every week so you don’t have to. If you missed the games, check out my breakdowns below and thanks for reading!

Redskins Vs. Cowboys

QB:     What a heartbreaker for Kirk Cousins who put in one heck of an effort against the Cowboys. Cousins was definitely the Redskin putting in the most effort, and just not getting enough help from his team to make out a win. Dak Prescott also looked significantly better tonight than he as in a few games although his stats, particularly his yards, don’t bear that out. The biggest difference maker was probably the Dallas O-Line. Dak finally had space to take time for plays to develop. He had some pretty good throws, and makes me think he’ll continue to do better moving forward. There was quite a bit of help from the defense making some great plays, but I like the Cowboys to win the next couple games at least.

Sink or Swim: Week 14

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Jared Goff (Los Angeles Rams): 

This game has shootout written all over it, which is good news for both QB’s fantasy potential, with Goff looking at a potential negative game script for once. The Eagles pass defense isn’t as great as the numbers show, as they have struggled against capable QB’s this season. As long as he can keep the turnovers in check, as he has done all season, Goff should be looking at his 4th 300+ yard game of the season.

What I Saw: Thoughts On Every Game, Week 13, TNF Edition

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Saints Vs Falcons

QB:    Wow, what a night. This game was a defensive slugfest, with both sides fighting for control of the NFC South. Drew Brees played very well with Kamara out with a concussion. It was up to Brees in Kamara’s absence and he nearly pulled it off, except that his one pass attempt that was intercepted mattered more than any other attempt as it sealed the loss for the Saints. Matt Ryan looked like he was falling apart midway through the game, tossing 3 interceptions in just 4 passing attempts. It looked like the Falcons would succumb, but Ryan did end up pulling it together and leading his team to a hard-earned and very close victory.

Weekly Rankings: Ranking Each Position For Week 14

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Welcome to QB List’s weekly rankings! Each week, I’ll be taking a look at the upcoming matchups and ranking each position, as well as flex positions.

Note: rankings will be updated throughout the week, so continue checking back here as the week goes on. Also, check out our defensive rankings article for explanations on those, and our Kickin’ It article for explanations on the kicker rankings.

Week 14 Notes:

  • I’m not quite sure what everyone else needs to see from Kareem Hunt. He’s just been bad lately, scoring double-digit fantasy points just twice in his past six games. This week he’s going up against the Raiders who have been middle-of-the-pack against the run, and while I still think he’s a starter, he’s more an RB2 than an RB1.