Ryan Heath

Ryan was once a high-school kid who thought he was smarter than all the fantasy football analysts that gave him terrible advice. When he tried writing content himself, he discovered that he was not. Now Ryan keeps busy writing for QB List, hounding all his league-mates to read his articles, and complaining when they inevitably follow his advice at his own expense.

What I Learned In 2018

Ryan Heath reflects on the fantasy football phenomena he's observed this season and on his own analysis

ADP Stock Watch: The Four Biggest Risers Through Preseason Week 2

Ryan Heath examines the causes behind the preseason rises of certain players, and digs in to whether they are still good values at their current ADPs.

Going Deep: Who’s Packing In The Green Bay Backfield?

Ryan Heath emphasizes the importance of drafting... uhhh... someone in the Green Bay backfield.

Going Deep: Why Dion Lewis Will Be The Titans Running Back To Own In Fantasy

Ryan Heath vents his frustration with the relative ADPs of Derrick Henry and Dion Lewis, highlighting the value he sees in one of them.

Draft Prep: What Could Go Wrong With Every First-Round Draft Pick

Ryan Heath puts every 2018 fantasy first-round pick under the microscope.